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    How can anyone say that VLV is better than X&Y?

    The world would be boring if we all liked the same things. IMO X&Y didn't have a bad track on it, while AROBTTH had a couple I could take or leave, as did Parachutes...... I don't know how I'll feel about VLV yet....... but from what I've heard sparingly so far, it seems to be terribly easy...
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    Viva la vida single in uk charts

    I'm hoping they release it on CD. I'd buy it.
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    Viva la vida single in uk charts

    The song was disqualified from the UK charts, as the Official Charts Company ruled that the song served as a down payment for the album, and not in fact available in its own right. The song will be allowed to chart upon the release of the album on June 12th. So, I hope it makes it to number 1 :D
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    Violet Hill Cover, check it out!

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    Funny Fanmade video of Violet Hill

    I agree. Plus I loved the big drum in the original :laugh3:
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    Your Top Tracks

    Right..... so far I've plumped for Violet Hill Shiver Yellow Hardest Part GPASUYF Clocks Trouble Lovers In Japan Viva la Vida In My Place Strawberry Swing Cemeteries of London Speed of Sound 42 Everything's not lostThat's 70 minutes. It's so hard to choose between my favourites! Any more handy...
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    Your Top Tracks

    OK, So I'm putting together a CD for the new car.... long journey up to Manchester on Sunday..... I want to know what Coldplay Tracks people would include... bearing in mind it's only about 80 minutes of music. I have all the albums (bar the new one) but I really don't want to be changing the...
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    Bolton 2005

    That's brilliant thank you. It was the first gig me and my fiance (now wife) ever went to. And I'm making a CD for our aniversary so that's great thank you
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    Bolton 2005

    Does anyone happen to know the Setlist for Bolton 2005? I know it started with Square One, and Politik..... but what came next?!