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    Rare breed indeed! And you're right Scotland is a wonderful place (the West coast all the way up is just a pleasure) but I can see myself moving away from it in search of other opportunities. And thanks for the encouraging words about Japan. I feel it's always important to broaden horizons.

    Never knew McCartney was doing some gigs, and only a few days before Coldplay! That sounds amazing. What a week at the O2 arena!
    The names Peter as well! Great that you told me about that Japanese experience. It's something I really will look into.

    And unfortunately I couldn't get tickets this time round. Would have gone to the SECC one but I ain't bothered because I'm certain they'll come back and do Hampden or something like that which is something I'd much prefer than the SECC. Saw the Viva tour at the SECC and it was brilliant but couldn't go to the Hampden gig so hopefully the other way round this time if they do stadium gigs. You going to any yourself?
    Pete, how r ya pal.

    Long time bud. I haven't been in the site for a year and a half.

    Did you manage to get a ticket for any of the December shows?

    Hope all is well pal.

    Peeeete!! The concert was awwesooomee!!! The guys and the crowd were ace!! Thank god we had it on TV so we'll have a good quality record of it! :D

    See why I've always invited you to come to Brazil?? :D The sun is already waiting for you :)
    I know, I know!! But you really look majestic here hence big and scary! :nice:

    I am sending you an email in a short while, prepare to get your mind blown! :laugh4:
    Hi Pete, it's Pete! Good to see you around again.
    Heya :nice: We've talked here and there over the years, but never in a specific thread. Good to hear from you again. I seem to have recently acquired this strange and wonderful new thing called 'a life' that keeps me offline most of the time now, but I'm still around now and then even if I'm not posting. Hope you're well too.

    Hello big scary elephant! Do you happen to know where my dear tall, slender and curly haired friend is? Because he owes me a lot of mail responses and birthday greetings too!
    Yeah, I heard about that on the radio! So awful! :(

    Oh, wow, that's really sweet of you! It never crossed my mind to google "Paolo Nutini zip", I just googled "Paolo Nutini download" and there were only torrent files. And those don't work for me! Sadly.

    I'm using a mac computer so viruses won't be a problem for me. It looks great! Thank you so, so much! :hug:

    Take care, dear friend :nice:

    Hi Pete! Hope you're well too. :smiley:

    Oh, it's all right. I recorded some of the songs I like with a software called Audio Hijack Pro, but it would be so much easier for me if there was a zip file or something online so I could get the entire album at the same time and not record the songs one after another. If you're having trouble with this it's allright, after all I do have Spotify. :wink:

    You too! Lots of hugs! :hug:
    Oh! that Itunes festival right? booo! but hopefully you'll attend many cp gigs this year :awesome:

    I'm ok too, finally having some free time :D

    Hugs :)
    Yep!! It's been ages since the last time I managed to be free and watch a live stream! Love it!! And watching it with others coldlovers makes it even better!! How are u doing?? What about a visit in South America?? :nice:
    Hello my friend coldplayer
    I just noticed your msg...sorry...

    Yes, Subarashii Fuji Rock! Yay
    but Coldplay is on Friday and I have to work... cry... I don't know if I can see them. You know Naeba(Fiji Rock) is a bit far from Tokyo. I got a ticket tho :p
    Hope I can make it and tell you how lovely they are :))
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