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  1. Little Miss Coldplay

    Coldplay: Austin City Limits. (on Sky Two tomorrow in the UK)

    Hi, I was scrolling through the TV guide just now and found that "Coldplay: Austin City Limits" is being shown on Sky Two tomorrow in the UK! Woohooo, nice Christmas present lol
  2. Little Miss Coldplay

    Where / How did you meet your partner?

    Hello, I'm currently single, but love a good love story! Just wondering, those of you in relationships/engaged/married, where did you all meet your partners? Hoping for some cute stories. Imagine meeting the love of your life at a Coldplay gig! [emoji175] When I travelled to Paris to see the...
  3. Little Miss Coldplay

    First line of the first page

    Listening to the album X&Y and the line "First line of the first page" caught my attention. Sooo, Coldplayers, post the first line of the first page of the book you happen to be reading if you are reading one. Mine is "They said I was a drug addict". x Sent from my GT-I9195 using Coldplaying...
  4. Little Miss Coldplay

    Natural ways to dye hair

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knows any natural ways to dye hair? I usually dye mine at home in a Purple colour using shop-bought dye. I want to try something more natural instead now and have heard Beetroot juice is good. Has anyone heard of this? Any ideas please? x Sent from my...
  5. Little Miss Coldplay

    Fancy Dress Ideas

    Hi, I need some advice fellow Coldplayers. I'm going on a night out with the theme of fancy dress soon! [emoji159] What sort of things have you all worn to fancy dress nights you might have been on? Any ideas as to what I could wear? x Sent from my SM-T310 using Coldplaying mobile app
  6. Little Miss Coldplay

    Which words do you find annoying?

    Hi [emoji4] I was just wondering, which words do you find annoying? For me, it's "Brunch" [emoji15] x Sent from my GT-I9195 using Coldplaying mobile app
  7. Little Miss Coldplay

    Don't Let It Break Your Heart!

    Hello [emoji5] As this wonderful place has a community feel to it, and is a place where you have a different identity to your real life one, in a way, I thought I'd create a place where people can release their emotions. Anything you're holding heavy on your shoulders? Well, "don't let it...
  8. Little Miss Coldplay

    What are your favourite things about life?

    What are your favourite things about life? They can be big or small. I like: Coldplay (obviously!), being tucked up indoors on rainy days, hearing my favourite songs on the radio or in shops, seeing other people happy, getting lost in a book, managing to buy concert tickets before they sell...
  9. Little Miss Coldplay

    Coldplay Confessions

    Got something that annoys/frustrates you about the music/band/whatever related to Coldplay that makes you feel bad for thinking it? Relieve/reveal it here, and as the boys would say "Forget the world and it's weight". Post your Coldplay confessions here. We won't judge you x Personally, I get...
  10. Little Miss Coldplay

    Jess Glynne

    Hi, Any Jess Glynne fans? I think she's great and has an incredible voice! As a female, I really admire female singers in paticular. Even though I have no desire to sing, they give me a sense of empowerment. I'm seeing Jess for the first time in November and can't wait x Sent from my...
  11. Little Miss Coldplay

    Cameras at gigs

    Hi, Will we be allowed to take cameras into the gig? Can't remember camera rules from Under 1 Roof at Hammersmith Apollo. I remember at Casino de Paris I wasn't allowed to take a flip camera in when I went to see the boys. At RAH when I went to see the boys, I stood there taking photo's and...
  12. Little Miss Coldplay

    Share a Coldplay lyric which suits your mood /recent thoughts

    Hi, Just interested in hearing which Coldplay lyrics suits people's current moods and thoughts. Mine would be : "Curse missed opportunities" (Clocks), about a job I've been thinking about which I turned down. "You're a refuge, somewhere I can go" (Moses), which is how I feel about the Wembley...
  13. Little Miss Coldplay

    There are UK tickets left!

    Hi, I was messing about and found that there are some Wembley tickets left! A few days ago I forgot to write on here, but Wembley 19th June was available. I didn't buy one as I'm already going on the 18th! Also, just now, there's a Wembley 15th June one too. Not sure which others are available...
  14. Little Miss Coldplay


    Hi, I was just wondering if there are ever any meet-ups. I'll keep my eyes peeled for pre-concert meetings for my Wembley one but just wondered if there are ever any random meet-ups in the UK, specifically London? x Sent from my SM-T310 using Coldplaying mobile app
  15. Little Miss Coldplay

    Kids Company TV Programme

    Hi guys, For anyone who's interested, there's a programme on TV tonight in the UK at 9pm on BBC One called Camila's Kids Company- The Inside Story, all about Kids Company (Which I'm assuming most people on here know about due to the boys supporting the charity. Brings back memories of my first...
  16. Little Miss Coldplay

    The Rant Thread!

    Has something annoyed you recently? Need to have a moan? Feel free to do it here :) My copy of AHFOD hasn't arrived yet and needless to say, I am fuming! Probably more than I should be but oh well x
  17. Little Miss Coldplay

    Album Didn't Arrive :(

    Hi, I pre-ordered the album on Amazon a few weeks ago but it didn't arrive yesterday like I thought it would. I'm so disappointed! Apparently it'll arrive on Tuesday but that's not good enough. I know it sounds ridiculous but I just feel deflated because of this. When I pre-ordered Ghost...