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Mar 23, 2008
Welcome to the concert information section. For music chat, please use the rest of the 'Coldplay Live' section. Discussion here is for:

- Ticket sale info, prices & links.
- Travel info. Accommodation, flights etc..
- Meet ups with other forum members.

If your selling or buying tickets from other fans (when the concert is sold out), please only do so at the face value price. I'd recommend using Ebay for buyer protection or approach with more caution if buying from a member who doesn't have a history on this forum.

Feel free to ask any questions on the page for each concert :)

Disclaimer for meet ups - Coldplaying cannot take any responsibility for events, outside of the website. If you meet up with other fans, you are advised to meet in a public place, with other fans.


Links to travel and accommodation sites - Instead of a donation system, Coldplaying will be using affiliate links, which means the site will receive a small percentage every time you book through the links we post. We are linking to a well known flights comparison engine and the most popular hotels comparison engine. You'll find the cheapest prices that way and you also help the site out a little bit :) Ticket links will vary depending on the gig.

Commissions raised through these links will go towards the usual server & mobile app costs, upgrades/plug ins for the website and competitions. We are also hoping to have a member of the Coldplaying team at as many concerts as possible for the next tour so we can post more in depth build up, reviews & news :) The links are bookmarked below (Server-to-server tracking, does not store cookies)

Link to Flights (All countries)
Link to Accommodation (All countries)
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