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Radio edits and single versions


New Coldplayer
Aug 16, 2018
Hi all - first post.

I am trying to put together a digital Coldplay singles compilation starting with Bigger Stronger and ending with Miracles (Someone Special) - c 41 tracks.

My strong preference is to use radio edits and single versions wherever possible. One of my pet hates is when an artist releases a greatest hits / singles compilation and includes album versions.

My collection of Now That's What I Call Music albums have come in handy for sourcing some of these single mixes but I am having difficulty tracking down the following on iTunes, 7 Digital, Juno, Qobuz etc:

The Scientist
A Head Full Of Dreams

Any help appreciated. AFAIK The Scientist is on a Virgin Chill Out CD from 2002 which is easy to find used. However a lot of the others were on promo CDRs - God knows if they'll still play if tracked down. Surely there should be digital copies out there to purchase? (320 kbps MP3s would suffice)
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I ran away

A Rush of Blood to X&Y
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Apr 10, 2015
The Scientist (edit) is on the regular Scientist promo disc from Coldplay. I have this disc, if you haven't gotten the track yet I could rip it for you.