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#AOAL - Please post your review


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This song gets a 10/10 from me because it's fucking unbelievable that it (and the album) features virtually EVERYTHING I WANTED THEM TO DO AND WROTE ABOUT ON THIS FORUM 2 YEARS AGO: :freak:


  • African beats (kinda)
  • Psychedelic sounds and imagery (as seen on the album cover, also the song from the start sounds very psychedelic to me)
  • I swear to god I specifically wrote here that I'd like them to do a song in the lines of Gimme Shelter which features Merry Clayton, also I wanted them to collaborate with Noel Gallagher, I'm a big Beyoncé fan and I naturally dig Tove Lo because I'm a hipster

Overall this is a great lead single, I've played it about 20 times today. I don't think it's flawless or anything but my only complaint with it (apart from the standardly unremarkable lyrics) is that it's reminiscent of the recent "disco" infused sound so it's not entirely original but neither are those songs so yeah... Can't wait for the album!

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Coldplay is back and I am back here as well :)


I like AOAL, but I don't think it is something special or unique. I would almost say it is kind of forgetable. The guitar part is kind of cool, but in general this song sounds like a generic pop song from a random spotify playlist. Nothing which stands out.

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It's insanely good. I literally cannot stop listening. I fell asleep with it on repeat and woke up to it still going. Always expect the unexpected with the boys. It feels like Chris is reborn and has come out the other side from the divorce. Yes it's very 'pop' bit who the hell cares?? My boys are back and I'm deeply in love!

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I'm not very sure what I feel about this song... It's a funky combination that seems foreign to me, it's like it has nothing Coldplayish anymore! I know I can't expect them to get back to the AROBTTH beat that changed my life and I'm actually totally pro change but I can't get over this. Where is the piano, where is the instrument I live for?

And what is going on with all these creepy, electronic sounds? I personally fell in love with Coldplay because they made music, real, human music, not commercial, groovy, disco stuff. I fell in love with the instruments, not the computers. And yes, I'm aware of the fact that no album is similar to the other but that's my first impression. I'm very glad they are not afraid to try new styles but change is indeed something that scares people because of the annoying unknown-issue we have.


I know this will grow on me, 'cause eventually that's what happened to Mylo and GS. I remember how sad I was when Midnight came out... It felt commercial, but my problem was with the syntesizer that changed Chris's melodious voice. In the end though I got used to it and I like it now. Really. It's about the past I have with GS. It's about the story, and I think that's the most important thing about music. It's not necessarily about the lyrics, but about the feelings it gives you, about the way it makes you happy or nostalgic, thoughtful or creative.


I'm sure I'll have a story to tell after I will be able to listen to AOAL without making wry faces. AHFOD seems to be holding more than that.

Or maybe that's just me being desperate :))

I must say though that I like the artwork of the album. It's colourful and it has a lot of astronomical content, with Saturn, Earth, the Moon, a space rocket and an observatory. I like that a lot. I love everything that's related to the Universe so two big thumbs up for that ;)



Btw it's the third time I'm listening to it and it still feels strange but it's getting better and probably I'm gonna start dancing pretty soon, I hope not lol :))

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7/10 for me.. First time I heard it, though it was pop trash. Second time I thought it was pop done really well. Third time and every time since I started hearing the other elements (groovy bass, great riff from Johnny.. And I feel like Will is having a blast, really all of them feel like they're just jamming out and chilling) lyrics are standard Chris nonsense, but it feels so funky and carefree I don't really care. It doesn't feel like it's "over produced". I do get why some people are saying it sounds like generic pop, but even if that's what it is.. It's the best generic pop I've heard in a looong time. Not a fan of the outdoor and I wish the last bridge would change it up and maybe push it a little further.. It feels like its missing something.. (Kind of like how reflektor from arcade fire changes towards the end and ends in a beautiful arcade fire type ending, could've done the same here and morphed into some funky jam session Coldplay crescendo! Lol) All in all a solid first single, and I will not judge the rest of the album based on this one song, good job boys!

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My review.... I mean, this song had literally everything in it. If you looked hard enough you could find a bit of like every popular genre (maybe excluding like rap). At first the disco vibe seemed a little weird to me but the guitar riff erased any negative thoughts I had about this track. I wouldn't call myself an 'oldplayer' but I definitely think the rocky guitar riff made this song a lot better. Of course, a nod back to Viva La Vida type stuff would definitely be fun, but I think this new sound is great and I'm definitely going to be optimistic towards this album. I give it an 8.5/10 but I'm sure it'll grow on me[emoji16]

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Adventure Of A Lifetime is the proof Coldplay don't care about the genre they fit in. And as a fan I don't care too. They can do whatever they want and it will sound as good as their previous songs just for one simple reason: they are friends playing some music. It's clear they're taking the direction they feel it's good for them and as long as they enjoy it fans will get great tunes. AOAL makes me feel there's a lot to live in front of me and I shouldn't be afraid because "we are diamonds taking shape". I believe there's a stage in our lives where we decide whether to see life in their darkest colors or in their wonderful mix of colors. I believe this song represent the colorful side of life and I agree with that.

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Sometimes people confuse OPINIONS with FACTS and start to argue about who is right and who is wrong. Opinions are just that, just opinions, learn to accept them is going to make you a lot more peaceful this days. Opinions are not universal truths or any truth and they always change from time to time. Chill out guys!


Anyway, in my opinion Coldplay is a very different band today. I think they still not done something masterful since the Viva days, but here and there they released some great songs, some so-so songs and some annoying ones (POC, ASFOS, INK etc). But I know how talent they are and I can predict them releasing a brilliant piece of music like in the Viva days in not so distant future, may or may not be in A Head Full Of Dreams. Although they changed their sound and are a different band today I see something that never changed, and it may sound I little cheesy, but I can see that they're doing music because they really like it and not just for money or to get big and being recognized as brilliant artists by the critics . They are really passionate artists and I think that's what sets them apart from countless musicians in the industry today. Even when I heard their worst songs I feel their passion. They translate that brilliantly in their songs even in their worst. They are a strictly pop band now, but pop can be very good if you are opened to it, so I still have faith that something brilliant will pop out someday.


That being said I think Adventure Of Lifetime is a great song, it's definitely better than most of their previous singles since 2011 with Mylo Xyloto and 2014 with Ghost Stories. It's not perfect but for me translate the dance vibe better than ETIAW and it's way more inspiring than A Sky Full Of Stars and better produced than Don't Let It Break Your Heart, three of the most "dancing coldplay's songs". I really like how different it sounds than everything they done in the past. I'm expecting a better pop album than MX and Ghost Stories even if AHFOD have it's faults like the forgettable Amazing Day.


PS: Sorry for my english :/

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