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A Head Full Of Dreams (Title track)


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Me too' date=' they have been declining ever since MX. They were also bad for the most part of GS.[/quote']


Yeah. I still actually do love the vocals still but they're much worse than before. I like his older voice better.


But that's what happens as time progresses. :(

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it'a little messed up :cry:

i mean....everything's good, but Johnny's guitar is pretty much "buried", especially on the last 'a head full, a head full of dreams' before the bridge.

on the live version is very prominent and it goes so well with Chris' voice


I agree with the ''buried'' guitar, nice choise of word:). Could have an even more outstanding bit of the song. But it's catchy anyways.

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It sounds more like Magnificent from No Line On The Horizon to me. The intro is a bit similar and the guitar is similarly the epic centerpiece.


This song is truly so U2 even I can see it (and Im not a U2 fan or U2 connoisseur hehe). It must clearly be an homage. And btw Magnificent is one of the few U2 songs I truly like!

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