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  • I just assumed you were being snobby. :p
    Did you have a good birthday? 21 usually = a big party. :dance:

    So where did you get the book from? :inquisitive:
    Because Angus & Robertson said they wouldn't get it until July or even August - and it would be $40! :shocked2:
    A lovely friend (Afeather - the one who stole Guy's jacket from me :p) pre-ordered it from the UK and sent it to me.
    I'm about halfway through as well - I love it!

    I see you're in Canberra - right where all the action is at the moment!
    Happy 21st Birthday Andy! :dance:
    You even get a public holiday for it! :p
    Hope you have an awesome day.
    Oh look, you didn't fall off the face of the earth :rolleyes:
    Here, have a bunny :nice:

    _♥____/[email protected]__\\___♥
    Hey! Got much planned for NYE?
    Have a great night, whatever you're doing
    And I hope you have a safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :)
    Oh, well that's good then :D
    You've obviously been a good boy this year :laugh3:
    Well I am Santa at my house :santa3:

    As for the bidding, tonight I was outbid on an X&Y lith. So not bidding on anything now. The smart thing to do would be to cancel my ebay account ........ but I'm thinking about Guy's AROBTTH poster .......
    Not so good. Crazy actually. Yes, I owned a few things at one point! Including Guy's jacket for 8 hours! :dance:
    You lurking in the auction thread? It's interesting to see what people are bidding on. A Coldplayer is even after the globe! :clap: I really hope she gets it :smash:
    Hey night owl!
    Aaaww thanks.
    Yeah, I checked the conversion rate - not good :(
    Thought I could stretch to maybe $300, but that is actually bugger all in pounds :cry:
    Are you going to try and bid on something in the auction?
    I just worked out that 5pm UK is Fri 4am here. Damn time zones!
    Just a reminder to tell you to remember to do your video/picture/or recording of Yellow for the Coldplay Project Group if you haven't already done so. Email it to Brooke(coldplayisawesome) at [email protected] ASAP. Thanks. :D
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