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  • I don't think it's a bad album... Just very mediocre. I have a problem with Coldplay and that's that they're too kind, in a way. They seem too modest to ever be as good as they could be. All this "I'm not sure what we're gonna do next" talk from Chris after every album... It's a bit meh I think.

    Coldplay should grow some balls. As much as I like them, they don't take risks, so they won't be remembered like I feel they should. Why not release this 'decade ender' album they wanted to in 2009? Why didn't they do this abandoned acoustic album that they a few days ago said they had scrapped plans for? I could go on but you probably know what my point is.
    I don't think you're snooty. I think you're funny and I can accept your opinion even if i don't agree with it. So do I fall under the 1/10?
    I think that Coldplay has 3-year long bad spells. Most people agree that X&Y and Mylo were disappointing, so my theory is that it alternates between good-bad-good-bad-good. I just don't want Coldplay to become Maroon 5 or something. The first step is featuring Rihanna in a song. The second is using a bassy drum machine in a ballad. There are three steps to become Maroon5/Nickelback (I don't care what anyone says, Nickelback is the epitome of the shittiest pop rock).

    They'll bounce back. Though I know you didn't like Viva much. I loved Viva. What the hell happened to the acoustic LP5 anyway? This is the opposite of acoustic.
    I used to think it was funny because you weren't like the others in that you were hilarious. And you're right, there's a lot of fangirls who can't say music is bad because Chris is so "hot." It's annoying.

    It's like if I went on the "OMGZ CHRIS IS SO HOT I WANNA HAVE HIZ BABIES" thread and said "Chris Martin looks like a retarded horse, just like all British people" and didn't expect people to attack.

    They are the same people who said over the summer "OMG ITS AMAZING" regarding POC when we can hear absolutely nothing because the quality was so shit. So your point in that respect is valid. And I'd say about half the people in the fangirl/fanboy part of the site are like that. "Blind" is a good word for that, even if it is a little one-sided and closed-ended.

    Some of us like the music because we like it. To us, anyway (and Pitchfork :p). I definitely get why you think their new direction is bad. I was shocked when I first heard WaWaWaWatever and ParaParaParaPoo.
    You're welcome! Oh I know, i've been so busy with classes but I check the coldplaying news everday and there's always so many people online :dizzy2:
    is it bad that I heard Florence's new song on the radio and thought of you? :|

    :p Hope you had a good time at whatever concert you probably saw recently. :awesome:
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