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  • Hi, i love your MX custom spray paint jobs and i know its a bit late but am wondering if you could paint a pick guard for a guitar if i sent it to you:), i would pay of course.
    Coldplay !!!!
    Hi hayachris!
    Please tell me you still have those 2 tickets?)
    If you do, what is the price and exact location?
    hey chris just to really get to the point in this message, ive seen the adventure you went through in the mylo xyloto tour and i have to say...im astounded at what you have seen and experienced Suprisingly, after looking over all of it so much, i felt quite sad because i realized i wont be able to enjoy that experience for years since i live out here in the U.S.
    and money situations have provoked me from seeing even one coldplay concert Though i dont want to make this message sound like a cry for help or desperation, could you offer me something that you have gained over your time period in these concerts? It would mean the world to me, but if not i understand i wouldnt let anything go either :) -kenjiast
    I am interest in buying the big red MX patch. Can you tell me the price please?
    Thanks a lot
    Sag mal ich habe gelesen, dass du die gelbe G-Shock Uhr besitzt.. mal eine Frage: ist sie zu groß, damit sie auch ein Mädchen tragen kann oder wie würdest du das einschätzen? Ich wäre dir für eine Antwort sehr verbunden :) LG
    Hallo! Wollte nur bescheid sagen, dass du UNBEDINGT den trailer von der angekündigten Coldplay DVD sehen musst... weil du drauf bist :D:dance:
    You know your display picture . You made that jacket yourself right?
    I was just wandering what jacket you used? ( as in what shop did u et it from.?)
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