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    Porcupine Tree

    Royal Albert Hall tomorrow! Bet you're excited, iadamh!
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    Porcupine Tree

    I just don't take pics. I'm too into the music to even bother getting my camera out. Here's a couple pics that I took that day though. This one's the closest I came to taking one during the show. Line. Big line. Big fucking line. So exciting, right?
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    Porcupine Tree

    I'm just a lucky mouse is all. I was standing with a group of fans in front of the venue and saw them! I think they really got the point across with this show to us die hards. I really do. It was amazing. I really fear concert-going may now be ruined for me. :lol:
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    Porcupine Tree

    New York: We got into the city relatively early, wandered a bit, and saw Colin walk by us! He was occupied so we didn't bother him. I didn't feel right to try to wave him down and I met with some other fans during this time. A little while later, Wes walked by! He stopped to greet us and...
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    Porcupine Tree

    About an hour. In New York right now. Heading into the city for the Radio City Music Hall show tonight! Will have an update after the gig...
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    What's the longest song title you know?

    Last Chance to Evacuate Planet Earth Before It Is Recycled by Porcupine Tree
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    I prefer Felt Mountain and Black Cherry. Supernature was good. I haven't given Seventh Tree enough listens to really say one way or the other, however ... must go do that ...
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    Porcupine Tree

    Orlando Pre-gig: Did a lot of wandering in Downtown Disney. Met Wes. First time I've ever met a musician. I froze up. Fail. Quick summary: Bigelf were okay. The sound wasn't great. The crowd...
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    Your favourite 5 bands at the moment... in no order are...

    Porcupine Tree Gazpacho Pure Reason Revolution God Is An Astronaut Sigur Rós
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    Music You've Just "Discovered"

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    Porcupine Tree

    A little over a week to go! :dance:
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    Porcupine Tree

    I have moments where I prefer Normal over Sentimental too. I haven't listened to either of those discs lately. Note to self: Spin them! I think my favourite track from either of those discs though just has to be What Happens Now.
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    Awesome bandnames

    Incredible Expanding Mindfuck God Is An Astronaut Explosions In The Sky
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    What artist can't you stop listening to today?

    Pure Reason Revolution