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  • Ya it does suck, but ya in the end it will turn out good. And make me stonger!:D

    Thanks so much Mani, I hope things with you are going to be great too:D
    But ya I am going to, I just need to keep to myself and do my stuff!
    Ya same to you!!! just how things are shitty here and like its hard to make money and find a job and everything is so expensive. Like its pretty hard right now for a person my age:\

    But other than that, nothing is really new. Im thinking about moving back into my parents house! *enter with caution*
    Ugh when is it not a bitch, hehe:p

    Ohh the BF and ass these day!!

    Well I guess that makes two of us, then. Just a big ball of frustration!!
    Ya, I can never let myself get to that life style of not doing anything and just give up!

    I just have to push myself more!!

    So how have you been lately??

    Aw, thanks:nice: ya ive been trying to keep positive about this job thing, but its hard to cause no one is hiring. But still trying:D
    Good! Well im still looking for a job and still not at home. But me and my parents are talking so thats a good thing. But in all reality I dont think I want to go back home any ways, you know!
    Glad you enjoyed it

    The funny thing is I've been taking vocal lessons for about 5 weeks, and I recorded that song just before I started lessons. So my singing is already about twice as good as it was on that recording.;)
    I will surely share our music with a lot of people here once it's done!

    I have one song that I have recorded the singing and acoustic guitar for. Interested?

    (technically no one is supposed to hear it until it's final but I'm tired of waiting so I'm showing it people;))
    mostly band stuff...

    we are gonna be playing whatever gigs we can get. also we are aiming to have an EP or full album out by summer. possibly another by Christmas

    nothing too much beyond that though
    That sounds so awesome! I wish I could travel more. Take lots of pics and show them to me!:D:D

    From what I've heard Greece is supposed to be beautiful, and the people are very warm and friendly (most people in Europe are)
    Good good (replied in your thread also:rolleyes:)

    been super busy but life is pretty good. how have you been lately? how's the new year been treating you so far?
    Happy Happy Holidays

    A Season's Wish for you!

    I hope you have a great New Year

    And a Merry Christmas too!

    (and Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and any other holidays you may be celebrating. 'Tis the season to give, and 'tis the season for Coldplay!!)
    Mani, ill be back in a few minutes. I got to run down to the store to grab something from my mom. But I will be back!!
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