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  • omg christina!! i am proud as a peacock but please let me know if I get too big for my britches! I know who my friends are! Im going to ACL with angie and mike and please lets go to the suspected 20th anniversy tour of muse together, ill get the tix !!
    Hi, sorry for this ridiculously late reply, I hadn't been on Coldplaying in a while because of school and holidays etc! Oh right, that is exactly how I found out about JVM as well! Third Star is such a wonderful film even if it did break my heart into about a million tiny pieces! Have just followed you, my url is frailty-of-genius and I'm a multi-fandom blog... I wish I was able to contribute something to fandoms but mostly I just admire the work of others - I'm not great with computer-y stuff like giffing and although I write, I'm not great at it and I'm also too scared to try fanfic because I know it would be awful! Anyway, hope you're having a great day :D
    I would love to see muse with you!! I will keep a look out for tour dates and we can def get together.!!
    Your post #690 at Sherlock thread is awesome! :D I'm addicted to Hugh Laurie recently. :dance:

    To the ends of the earth has Eng subs! That's great. It's easy to understand what they talk. I'm going to watch it. Thank you for sharing it. :lol:

    After watching Blackout, I probably know what it is about.

    What's the story behind this pic? OMG Andrew Scott's smile is killing me. :dazzled:
    CHRSITINA!! so sorry I did not connect with you bout the Aug 4th show, Angie surprised me the week b4 with tix she flew up that day, i had swim champs all week and that am with the kids and we were nuts, I had hoped we could meet up but my life is insane, hope you had a great time!!
    The gif you made is great! Andrew Scott. <33333 I'd like to watch Blackout because of him. What is it about? I have no ideas about Christopher Eccleston. Is he famous? In Blackout, he looks like Danie Craig. :lol: Season 2 may publish in next year? I'm watching episode 1 now. :lol:

    What you said is so interesting. Do you listen to German music?

    Chinese is different as well. Totally different. :laugh3: If you learn it, you can recognize words in Japanese. Because a lot of words Japanese use are taken from Chinese. History is so complicated. :rolleyes:

    I learned Japanese in high school for one year before, but I didn't interest in it. OMG my English in my silly videos was so bad in 2010. :\ We don't have chance practicing speaking English in school all time time. It's just a subject for school eduction.

    You can travel in Taiwan some day. It's a great place really. If Coldplay come to Taiwan, they must say the food in Taiwan is more impressive than in Japan. :laugh3::laugh3:
    But it's worth doing it, right? :nice:

    If you can take course of learning one or two foreign language in college, what will you take, Japanese, Spanish, French, or German? And why? :)
    Tumblr sounds like quite a friend thief then. :lol:
    Oh I have several friends who do not like MX, either & tbh I went through quite a love/hate relationship with the album. Now, I've gotta say I love it, but I've always had quite a problem with PoC and for the life of me I just cannot accept that song. :/ However, CP just put on SUCH an amazing show the entire time, it really doesn't make much difference what they're playing because there's all of this butterfly confetti bursting in the air and balloons floating all over the crowd and the xylobands make this totally incredible sight so just the visuals alone are epic. And Chris Martin is awesomely entertaining and makes such an effort to get the whole crowd totally involved in the show. :wacky: Then like you said, the old songs. Maybe they'll pull out some oldies like Warning Sign & Speed of Sound like they did for me. :D I'll have to talk with you after to see, but I'm confident you'll have a much bigger blast than you think! :nice:
    Relaxing is good! I had a bit of a stressful school year as well, but now I'm done with high school! :dance:
    And haha, that's what I hear. I hardly see some of my friends in person anymore because of all their time spent on Tumblr. XD I'm sure it's terribly addictive but the couple times I've checked it out it seems so very tempting. :escaping:
    Oh niice! Congrats on the August 4th show!! In about a month I can assure you that you will be totally blown away! They put on SUCH an amazing show. :wacko:
    I'm doing fantastic. Thanks for asking. :nice: How're you?
    And I really like "Survival" and yeah, I definitely think it'll work really well for the Olympics. :wacko: Oh and I've been meaning to get involved with Tumblr for a long time now because a lot of my friends are always talking about how awesome it is, but I just haven't had much spare time lately. I definitely want to make an account as soon as I can though because it sounds pretty awesome! :D ...But yes, I'm dying for The 2nd Law. :dance: But I got a CP concert on the 22nd of June to tide me over until then. And it was SUCH AN EPIC SHOW!! I'm still in a daze. :wacky: Have you seen them on the MX tour yet or will you be? : )
    woooo what does your profile picture mean? :rolleyes:

    I have to study and until on 29 July, the test day comes. It's so annoying. :(

    Is your summer vacation coming? Have a nice week! :lol:
    Hey I don't know if you remember me but we talked a few months ago and I was just wanting to say hi and see what you think of Muse's new song? :stunned: :dazzled: And are you dying for The 2nd Law?! :D
    I was just noticing that you are (or seem to be!) a huge fan of Mr Cumberbatch, you clearly love Coldplay and it would appear that you like James Vincent McMorrow as well... I don't suppose there's any chance you have Tumblr, do you? If so, what is your URL and I would definitely follow you!
    I never heard about almost bands you said except Muse. They all have good music, right? x_x I like James Morrison, Keane, Travis, The Script, Parachutes, Parachute, and Tenth Avenue North. I like to find more good bands. :)

    Have you ever watched the film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World? It is wired, but it's not bad. I love the feeling of this song. http://youtu.be/fhGu2CDqQqo lol

    I always remember these two soundtracks. Although sounds sad, they're great. :)

    Will BBC release Sherlock season 3?

    ^Maybe I shouldn't ask that. * I just finish watching 203. The end is a little sad. Poor Watson. :\ How Sherlock cheated all of us? :thinking:
    Thank you! I can't wait to watch all of them. :p

    Besides Coldplay, what bands and singers do you prefer?
    I like Tom Hardy in Inception. (Well, it was the first time I noticed him. :p) I don't know James McAvoy and Tom Hiddleston's work. And I only know Benedict Cumberbatch and Andrew Scott in Sherlock. :/ Any good films of them? Maybe I can watch it next time. :)

    Fight Club is not bad. :p
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