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  • But I understand now, that men are wrong, you are a big fan!
    hey, will you have internet in Munich?
    Yes, those moments, when Milan won in a finale of Champions cup in 2003 and in 2007 – these were the best evenings in my life, we were on the top of the world! Really did Milan lose Liberec that year when won the sixth cup of champions?! I think it was early… Nedved was great player of course, but usually he was too good in matches with Milan, so I couldn’t love him…)
    Hey! :whip: it was bad times for Milan! :) but now its not better... Kaka' must return.. now I waiting matches with Real Madrid(which I hate more than anyone) passionly.
    So, you're Liberec fan? cool, usually girls don't like football.. :)
    Oh, its great! 3 weeks in Munich! I hope you won't cry thinking about those incredible times... :)
    Would you go to Allianz Arena?
    Probably because of that Chris has understood that he can do more than groan over the piano about vicissitudes of life) I want that in following tour they will dress suits of Greek gods, it will be cool, won't it?
    No doubt, it would come!
    As for me I love old Coldplay for modesty, privacy, laconicism and black-and-white style. But it is past... so let's sing vital hymns and wear on as Napoleon Bonaparte! :D
    Well, that DVD was absolutely brilliant thing about "old Coldplay". Meanwhile what your favourite performance from it? I like Daylight and Trouble (actually now I think its already music classics).
    But DVD from VLV tour I hope would be more than excited show! :bomb:
    Mags je srandista, to jo, ale z tohohle by si podle mě srandu nedělal... no, řešit to už nehodlám, uvidíme...
    Norština, si myslím, zas tak těžká není... ale výslovnost a tvoření minulýchh časů je katastrofa :D
    Jo, fanoušky tu sice nějaké mají, ale je je jich málo... co s tím ale udělám, spousta lidí má vůči nim předsudky kvůli tomu, že na vrcholu kariéry byli v 80. letech a Take on me, se kterou je mají spojenou není zrovna reprezentativní písnička... dokonce se někdy v 90. letech rozhodli, že už ji nebudou hrát naživo, aby se zbavili image kterou si s ní vytvořili... no, hrajou ji dodnes :D
    Yeah, I really enjoy the Ješted ;) first time I was going by funicular, and next time I was going by foot (with my sister) strait ahead on the skiing track :D it was hard, but good :D
    Hi, How are you? :) I just came back from Cezk Respublic ;) I lived in Liberec almost all week, it's a beautiful city, I visited Ješted (I lived very near it) , zoo park and old town ;) I really enjoy the holidays there :) I also been to Praha, Ceski Budajovice and Ceska Krumlov :)
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