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  • Yah, no problem! :kiss:
    Thank you, yes I think I will too.
    Really?! Haha cool. What was your major? My brother's going for civil engineering.
    I hope your summer's going well too, yes I hope we talk soon. You need to get on more! :whip:
    Hello Laura! :)
    I don't know if you remember me, hope yes:), we used to talk about careers and uni stuff :lol: but I've been so offline over here (thanks to school pff) . well just to let you know that I've decided what I'm gonna study, after the stressing time I had :S
    I hope you're good, and maybe we could talk soon ;)
    Indeed! :D
    Yah, I chose Texas State. I'm graduating tomorrow and I'm pretty excited about everything in general!
    Yah, I just got back from Florida. My brother's going to grad school at U.F. so we were checking it out/finding an apartment for him and his girlfriend.

    I miss you, I hope I talk to you again soon! :kiss:
    Awww girl I miss you too :hug:

    I'm going to be in Atlanta end of Aug around my birthday, and was seriously considering spending a day or two in Savannah. How close is that to where you live? I really need to get my ass in gear and make a hotel reservation, i've been procrastinating lately... I need to buy plane tickets too and rent a car aaaaahhhhhhh................... :lol:

    Anyway I'll talkl to ya soon. Good to see ya poke your head back in here :D
    I miss you too! :kiss: i just saw your tweet! I'm so bummed I didn't know about the beehive while I was actually IN London :dozey: just my luck lol.

    Do you have skype Laura? We could always chat and catch up on there :D
    Hello! :) How are you?
    Hope you're fine, I'm here to ask for your help, I would like to know if you can of course!
    All you have to do is go here--> http://bit.ly/dAdx2t and vote for the option @AnnieBerryman, is for win an USB I really want to :lol: voting ends tomorrow.
    Well, that's it! Thanks for your time & have a nice day :)
    I'm doing great! There's snow outside and it is Thanksgiving :D

    Actually no, I wish I had. My life would be less boring :lol:
    Hey, if you can, read what I wrote on the U2 thread (on the World of Music), as well as on the "Matt Bellamy Appreciation thread" Both posts are rather short. Also, dfitt00 on the U2 thread posted 3 pics of Matt [really nice because he was in front row]
    The only downside was that I accidentally erased the 1st 30 pics I took because it was my brother's camera. So, I don't have any Muse pics :dozey:
    OK problems with my computer here at work... continuing my message :p

    Yeah me duding everyone I meet :laugh3::laugh3: Yeah seen them J Lo and Ben and the Black Eyed Peas too, some others that I can't remember. Unfortunately for me no I did not talk to Matt, fortunate for him though :p. I so would have jumped him :D... he was my number one before Guy beat his ass!!! I still get all stupid when i see some good pics of Matt but not the same as Guy :stunned: .. I worked as a sec guard there, good times but hard on the feet. It is my favorite because of the fountain of course, and the botanical gardens. that ceiling in the main lobby is definitely the best feature there IMO. wait wait wait!!! You might be coming to Vegas!!!! :dance::dance::dance: wooohoooo!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited if you do!!

    I told Liz the same thing hit up some ordinary places, since Guy likes to do those things. She doesn't think she'll have that kind of luck to run into him being London is so big and so many people. I gotta tell her to keep hope alive!! :lol: I don't think they'd vacate the Bakery totally, they still consider that a "home" so, I think they'll still use it as a creative space.

    midpoint!!! countdown to graduation!!! :dance::dance: I never catch up on sleep, i'm perpetually tired so I get used to being in that state. when i sleep alot it makes me more sleepy. so i try not to do that, plus i end up in my pjs all day and not doing anything. how healthy is that. I'm already a cow man :p

    Yeah new schedule 2 hrs earlier 'release' time :p so that's one thing to look forward to, tonight/today just dragged on. i'm only at lunch so 2 more hours to go!!

    take it easy out there, and can't wait to read your "Black Friday" shopping tips eventhough i don't go :D

    Angels?? Hmmm I'll have to YT that, can't place it.

    LOL yeah that would be my moment, no talking just DUDE-ING
    I'm not in school, I finished high school and now I want study acting.
    Fun weekend for you too ;)
    Not really, tomorrow we have elections in here. But I don't have special plans.
    And you?
    Hey Laura

    sorry for the delay - school was insanely busy this week and I knew if i signed on here for even a second I'd never get off bahah. HOW was your week? anything new or good? Hope you get a nice long weekend this weekend - perfect time to put Flight of the Conchords on your netflix queue and watch them all:laugh3:.

    I LOVED the upgrade story - that is so amazing - you and your friend are so so so lucky. I mean there were probably 25.000 people at that concert and you two get to move up to the front row - so lucky - so amazing. My sis and I went to the concert in Mansfield, MA and that's exactly where we sat too (well it was pit so stood - right in front of Jonny - my fav <3). Did you get any good pics that night??? i love love love concert pics! Any word on a rescheduling of the Tampa show? it still seems pretty unlikely huh? too bad they couldn't just swing up for a night or two. Either way your last concert sounded like a winner - seriously what luck!!!

    I have to ask - have you seen/plan on seeing "Paranormal Activity"? I just got back from it and am dying to talk to someone about it. SO SO SO SO scary. :uneasy: also a little annoyed right now cause the red sox lost tonight and all fo NYC is celebrating bahahah. Hope you had a great week and have some fun planned for the long weekend :laugh3:!

    catch up with you soon chickie hope things are going great :)
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