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  • Oh yeah, right, now I get you :nod: So YAY you're sleeping cycle is just as fucked up as mine! :awesome:

    Dat trailer man :nod: Can't wait for the DVD OMGGG :bomb:

    You know what really sucks huge ass balls? Writing my term paper at 6am haha ewww :sick: I hate WRITING STUFF. Like, everybody hates it, so why are we still doing it? :dozey:
    Oh well, thank you :cheesy:

    Yeah I know right?! I mean Chris is hot an all, but GEEZ MAN, outta ma fuckin way, you're blocking my view from Mr Handsome over there! :snobby: It's really a shame that drummers are almost always sitting behind the other band members and you can't see them at all :(

    Yeah Jonny was all fluffy and awkward and shy and cute and hiding-behind-his-cap-because-OMG-all-those-fans-:blush: like he always is :wacky: SIFÖASKLFJ I just wanna hug him and tell him how ridiculously adorable he is!

    Haha IMPOSSIBLE NIPPLEZ. Not only Will's were showing, I could see them all, ALL OF THEM :wideeyed: My eyes enddt up staring and Will's and Jonny's mostly :lol:
    Of course I was out of tune!!! I was SCREAMING for fucks sake and not singing! :laugh3:

    LOL my cheering sounds so freakind dumb: "WOOOOOOOO-HOO-HOOOUUU" XD

    Oh gosh Will was so freaking cute :wacky: And to my own surprise I totally ignored Chris and Jonny the whole time and stared at Will's beautiful face :blush: And you could see his nipples through his thin shirt :charming:

    THE FUCK, I'd be dead for the whole day if I got up that early :freak:
    Don't you have time at the end of the day? :uhoh: That's when I listen to most of my favourite music at least...

    Coldplaymania, I'm telling ya, with their new Live DVD I'll be a giant unbearable fangirl uh oh :uhoh2:
    Okay okay but seriously, WHAT DID YOU GETTT Michael don't leave me hanging like that, not cool bro, especially not at 3:17 in the morning :whip:

    In my opinion Coldplay concerts go over to freaking quick. It feels like they last 30 minutes and not 2 hours :(
    Yep, I'm fine with that. You know, I'm the kind of person that in real life NEVER asks you "How are you doing?" or "What's up?" I just go "The fuck are you doing here?!" :lol:

    I'm preparing myself for the Coldplay concert on tueday as well! I'm extremely excited!
    I've got no job either, but I'm currently busy with university stuff and wouldn't have time for that anyway <___< I've been working on an animation film for about 2 months now for an illustration class I'm attending and it's freaking eating my time away :dead: But it's fun afterall.
    Oh and I'm totally fangirling about Batman right now, not the new movie itself, the whole Batman myth. Don't even ask, it's a long story :lol:
    Hello there old chap! :cheesy:

    Indeed it has been a long time. WHERE THE FUCK DID THE TIME GO :freak:

    So how're you doin 'n shit? :awesome:
    haha, wow. you want to be fat and don't get fat enough... can we like, switch bodies or something!? :lol: So you wanna become a big huge fluffy huggable bear? :cheesy: I just had the most cute image in my head, a very happy face Will giving you a massive bear hug and you just hugging back smiling equally delighted :wacky: Since I don't know how you look like I picture you as Will 2.0 :awesome:

    Well that sounds like a messed up BBQ :/

    Yes, said RECENT PHOTOS are quite candid indeed :drunk: And to be honest, I was staring at his nipples WAY TOO LONG :lol::laugh4:

    Your over obsessed behaviour towards him makes me laugh out loud EVERY SINGLE TIME! :lol: And I'm sitting in university right now, lol :uhoh2: WELL ANYWAYS, I'm pretty excited right now, cuz coming friday is my birthday and after that on sunday I'm on a Coldplaying meeting where a few of us German fans will meet in Duesseldorf :dance: AHhhhh it will be so fun!
    Okay maybe it wasn't the most birlliant idea to suggest that we both should live in one flat together :lol: And YES we'd probably bitch fight over the PC the whole time LOL

    Hahah man I'm totally paranoid about storms and shit, since that freaking tornado went through our garden I panic quite a little everytime a huge-ass thundercloud comes along :sick: I just don't like these things at ALL :snobby: I would have been scared to death as well, lightnings are soooo loud when they strike somewhere near you, ack!

    That... sounds like an interesting dream :laugh3: Evil you, smacking little girls LOL! :awesome:


    the Will Champion thread will be dangerous for you, certain pictures have been posted there... and... just... I think you might gonna die if you see them :uhoh: I just wanted to say it was a pleasure knowing you :lol:
    And seriously, because you've got Will in your avatar all the time I'm starting to think you actually look like him! :lol:

    Is there anywhere a picture of you online? I'd like to know how the person I talk to for more than 2 years actually looks like :D If you allow :wacky:
    Well that's annoying, waking up sweating and don't remembering anything -__-° I had such a weird-ass dream tonight, it involved Chris dating Jonny (who wore a bridal headwear WTF) and lots of pigeons :wtf:

    Well anyway, what job are you looking for? :surprised: And that guy supposed to call you and didn't SUCKS :mean:

    Meh, what about me? I'm surviving I guess. I shouldn't complain though (about the lack of sleep and so on, university stress etc.) but I tend to when I'm used to not doing that much <__<
    So I'm fine, yeah :)
    Oh and this evening our whole family (parents, sister, her boyfriend, aunt and granny and I) will have a big BBQ outside in the garden, yay! I haven't eaten anything major today so that I can fucking feast on the meat later! :laugh3:
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