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  • Trying to come back here, but habits are hard to develop sometimes. Plus I don't know if I'll be welcome
    Forgot to ask, what symbol (or symbols) do you want on the front and do you have a specific tee colour in mind?
    I forgot to add something :lol:
    If you don't mind the graphics being contained to a 40x30cm rectangle, all of that in the example is possible (I'll make sure of course it doesn't look too rectangle-y)
    Hey, The tickets weren't VIP, but we got there early enough, well before EVERYONE else so that we could get in front. The scanner debarcle was a nightmare, and it would have upset me more than you can imagine if we hadn't got front after queueing for 8 hours. Fortunately the weather was lovely.

    In London we queued for 10 hours, and it was COLD. They didn't open the gates until 5, and we STILL missed out on front because of more queue issues! I was terrified before they even opened that would happen again, and it DID. Thank god for stupid VIPS LOL..

    But yes it was WORTH every single second of every single anxious sleepless night. They rocked our socks off, it was AMAZING.. I'd do it again tomorrow if I could!

    Yes the PCD. I've already had a bit of it, but the Paralymic thing was just incredible wasn't it? 42? wow.. I need to see that again.. :)
    I can make something like that but it will be probably impossible to find an online printer who can print over the complete surface of the shirt :\
    Thank you! I had the BEST time.. omg I don't even know where to start.. but Stadium gigs are SO SO Cool.. we got front row.. after a VERY hard 14 hour queue.. scanners not working at the gates, running down the field about a mile long to get there, not getting front row because of VIPs, VIPS leaving, so we grabbed them! Then Chris WINKED at us!! WINKED! At shirt change after GPAS he walked down the RAMP shirtless.....................

    I am home now, and its taken me almost as long to get home from Holland as it has from Chicago!! More stressfull.. I left my brand new Coldplay hoodie on the train.. sigh.. I need to phone the train people in half an hour and see if they have it.. fingers crossed...

    Sorry I just went off on one there.. but the gig was AWESOME.. amazeballs... :) Totally.. best yet.. Now I am off to sob in a corner as it's the last one...
    Sure, just let me know what you like and I'll see what I can do for you :)
    And it's indeed spreadshirt.com. Or you can always take it to a local printer, which is probably a bit cheaper. :)
    Sure, not really sure what I could tell exactly. :lol:
    Dundahmifflin asked for a design with the mx symbol, ck "and something else cool", so I made one with the picture with the silence from his avi and the symbols spray painted on top of it.
    Then we altered it a bit to his taste and his shirt was born :lol:

    Do you want me to make a design for you? As long as you can describe what you would like to have, or have any examples, I could give it a go.
    I just made a design for Coeurli and Dundahmifflin for a shirt at their concert.
    I sent them the .png files so they could get it printed somewhere, i.e. an online service or a local printer :)
    It was based on the comic and the mx symbols :)
    Hope that helps :)
    Hi there! Yes I'm sorry... I ended up breaking my thumb last week, so my idea for a video was pretty much shot down. I was going to do a video of a puppet on my hand lip-synching, but obviously that won't work now! Hopefully you got some other great videos to use...
    Thanks! Well, it wasn't really a tour, but yeah we've been to some nice places! :awesome:
    I am now back for good :awesome: Although I won't be here this week-end at I'm going to Paris FOR MY 1ST COLDPLAY CONCERT OMG :D
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