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  1. Krizer

    What would you vote if Coldplay did a "request show"?

    Edit; If you post more than 10 songs, try to choose the first ten songs that you would want to hear the most! So, let's imagine Coldplay will be doing a show/shows at small venues and you have the chance of voting for 10 songs from their entire discography, including b-sides, songs never played...
  2. Satirez

    [Request] Piano Chords - All I Can Think About is You

    Guys! I need the correct chords for All i can think about is you on Piano, please
  3. guy42

    Song Request Discussion for North American Tour

    Good evening. It’s now just five days until the A Head Full Of Dreams Tour reaches North America! There are still a limited number of tickets available – see the Tour page for all the details. If you’re coming to one of the shows and there’s a Coldplay song you’d like to hear (which the band...
  4. F

    Need help surprising my girlfriend

    [Was recommended by Reddit to come post here] So my girlfriend and I have tickets to the upcoming Coldplay concert in New Jersey / New York at Metlife Stadium July 16th. I was thinking that during the concert would be the best time for me to "pop the question". I would love to do it on stage...