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🪐 Coldplay: Music of the Spheres 🪐 | Out Now! | Discussion


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This is the first time I cannot attach a particular sound on a Coldplay album. Yet I find different identities in every song... I think that's what they wanted to do with MOTS. Maybe their most eclectic album in its influences : I hear some VLV, some MX, some Ghost Stories too... But anyway I still hear Coldplay ♥


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Well, I remember when this thread started with lot of theories about MOTS. Even I shared a NASA-centric theory. Nothing more wrong! ?

Approaching to Release Date (and eventually the end of this thread), just to share my happiness with all of you. What a luck that our favorite band still creates chord for us. And what a luck that us, in this space, from different parts of the world, different ages or ethnics, was united around it!

Diversify is the key of the world. Having said that, and having finished to listen MOTS, this album is the demonstration of the brave spirit in Coldplay for trying to create different things. 

So, if you (like me) are a Parachutes-centric person, close your eyes and listen MOTS as an impressive produced journey to a quite different Coldplay. Not better or worse. Just an experimental one. This time, really close to an EDM genre (yes!.. arguable), Programmed Drums, Voice Effects, etc.

However, there is a constant: Marvelous lyrics as usual. MOTS is a punch of love songs. That reminded me (while I was listening the album) that behind all those sounds, our loved Coldplay are there. Still there.

Coloratura is an outlier. A truly masterpiece. 

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Yeah, I really don't like this one. Kinda expected it though, and while it's not as bad as I thought it might be from my impressions of the snippets, I just reeeaalllly can't get into this album. A bit too smothered in features for my liking, and I don't like the EDM aspect as much as I thought I would when I looked at it on paper. I'd definitely like Biutyful more if it didn't have the chipmunk vocals; People of the Pride I want to like, but it only goes about halfway for me; Infinity Sign is a cool instrumental, but it takes a bit too long to build and I wish it went a bit further.

Currently sitting at a 3.5/10 for me after 3 full listens. I like parts of songs, that's where I find myself. If they go there, I'll see you in Toronto ✌️ 

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17 minutes ago, Sonic85 said:

After two listens, all I can say is we'll always have Everyday Life.

Might be a minority opinion, but I like the type of experimental music in this album WAY more than what they were trying to achieve on Everyday Life. I only liked a few songs from Everyday Life to be brutally honest, but this one I like most of em!

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  • Captain Crieff changed the title to 🪐 Coldplay: Music of the Spheres 🪐 | Out Now! | Discussion

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