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  • oh yes they are :dance:

    "so come over,just be patient ,and dont worry " :p

    only 3 months to experience such a great thing :D

    i dreamt too,just before they confimed the gigs of the latin tour,i was so desperate to see them live that i dreamt about coldplay in argentina like 2 times :lol:

    since i know they are coming,i stop dreaming of coldplay live :D

    only 3 months :dance:
    i cant too :bigcry:

    .. no, i havent got a fav song ,its like there are SO many i like... i just couldnt decide if i want to :(

    you?: :D

    have you got a fav song?¿
    yes,it is a huge inspiration :)

    im soo waiting for the shows :dance:

    98 days till the Latin Tour starts.. :D

    this will be my 1st and 2nd coldplay concert ever so :p you can imagine im so exited about it too :D
    no , imnot in high school :p

    im in the "university" :awesome:

    but yes,im just a little older than you but im already graduated ...
    great great :D

    my 1st and 2nd Coldplay gigs too :D

    fan since 2 years ..
    right before Viva era.. :p

    youre 18 years old as me :awesome:
    nono :(

    i have the other tiket,the "pista" one :D

    i cant spend so much money on this gig as im paying the one in Bs As too + the travelling,hotels ,etc :p

    see you there? :dance:
    yes, i dont have that document,the problem is as before..
    if i call there :( i understand few portuguese,and when buying it..it asks me for that document in order to proceed with the buying :bigcry:
    Hi again,the problem :bigcry: when i call the number you say ((55) 11 2846-6000 ),and try to buy asks me for CPF , i dont have that ... so basically i cant buy something if im not from Brazil as it asks me for this :(

    who did you call? talk to an operator or with the machine ?:cry:

    dont know what to do,im desperate :sick:

    the number ( (55) 11 2846-6000 ) works for me,but i have that problem,and the (55) 0300 789 6846.
    is not working..

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