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  • Hi,
    Where did you hear that Apple wanted to be a performer like Beyoncé or baker? In a Gwyn interview, maybe?
    One last thing, then I'll leave you alone hehe
    I can't see that you've replied unless you write it on my profile instead of yours. ;)
    You can simplify communication with members by clicking "View your conversation with SueDeNimes" (or any other member...) and THEN writing in the black field.
    This way the message will be posted to the convo partner's profile as well.
    Have a nice day, A
    Hi there!
    If you go to the "Easy Thread Finder", you can find the link to it, but nobody has posted in there since April!!
    Hey! We're trending "9 days till Will's birthday" today on twitter at 9 PM London time. Please help us make it happen and spread the word. Thanks xoxo
    I'm not missing any point. The original New York article is more accurate and has info that the 2nd hand Telegraph article doesn't.
    You're missing the point. Like I said, those articles are basically the same and there's no need to post something that has already been posted.
    Isn't that more accurate than the Telegraph? Also that the dancing partner was a girlfriend instead of the "ambiguous" friend which could be construed as a male friend? Again, I feel the original should carry more weight and I don't see why both articles shouldn't have been posted. You're overreaching a bit I feel.
    The only difference is that the Dancing fool article mentions that they were holding hands, that's it. The rest of the article is the same.
    The New York Post article is the original upon which the telegraph one is based on. It actually has more accurate info that you will not find in the Telegraph article.
    I removed the article you posted (Dancing fool), a similar article was already posted.
    I removed one of your posts (We Were There: Coldplay brought us Christmas in June during colorful, exhilarating concert at American Airlines Center), this article was already posted here.
    I removed one of your threads (Digital Production: XL Video And Coldplay In Paradise), that article is a summarized version of an article that was already posted.
    Hi, I removed your thread (Article: Chris Martin: The Only Thing I Fear Is Texting) because there already is a thread about that article (link). Again, please use the search function before making new threads.
    Hi, I merged your thread (Article: An Ultraviolet Feel For Coldplay's MX Tour) with the already existing thread about that topic.
    Please use the search function before making new threads. Thanks!
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