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  • Our textbook has cars and a road map on it. So definitely not the same text! But definitely the same (or similar) material.

    I would *love* smaller venues. The only shitty thing would be that they would sell out faster, unfortunately. But something about a smaller venue always gets me more excited. I'd like smaller venues and more acoustic songs a la Parachutes. I don't know how that would happen but one can wish!
    I'm not sure if we're using the same textbook :p but then again it's the same AP. Idk, it's not that challenging, at least to me. AP Physics...now that's a class I could do without.

    Baseball caps would be hilarious :p but I think it really depends on the energy of LP6. Maybe LP6's tour won't be a flashing lights kind of concert. I know they'll come up with something fantastic though, even if it's not flashing baseball caps :p
    We're not there yet..? We just took our midterms and before that reached the end of probability. I mean we've had to write paragraphs but nothing too complicated, haha.

    I know they probably won't repeat the Xylobands, but they're so tied to Coldplay at this point that it would be criminal not to feature them in the LP6 tour. Like I can't see any other band using them. I think it would be fun to see the Xylobands live again.
    I agree! I would love them to bring the Xylobands back for the LP6 tour, but in different colors. But hopefully we can see LP6 within the next two years. Haha.

    School is great now that I've been accepted to college! It's like a giant load has been taken off my shoulders. But still, AP Physics is killing me slowly. Stats is okay, and the rest of my classes are regular strength, so they're fine. How about you?
    Well, both concerts were amazing for their own reasons. The first one was amazing because it was my first Coldplay concert! But because it was my first I was so focused on taking pictures and videos and the like. This one was better because I really just enjoyed it (and only took pictures with my cell phone haha). The seats were better the first time, but I kinda liked these seats too. The Barclays seats were nosebleeds directly across from the stage, so we had an awesome overview of the lights and the confetti and the Xylobands.

    Well, both were awesome. I mean it's Coldplay!

    Happy belated new year to you too!
    Yes I haveeee OMG. And it was awesome! Actually, I did see the band again at the Barclays Center on the 30th, which was fantastic. My dad loved them.

    Right now though I actually decided to watch some sort of concert...we have a snow day up here in NY and I got my wisdom teeth out last Friday, so there isn't much for me to do atm... haha.
    I started downloading it... it's going surprisingly fast, actually. I maybe started at 5? And it's already at 25% (and it's 9:30 by me ;) ). Which isn't really that fast, I guess. At this rate it'll take waaaaaaaaay too long to do the rest. Whateverrr.

    I had auditions tonight so I'm quite shaken and awake at the moment. Don't mind my hyperactivity.
    If you find a recording, please share it here! I'd be so appreciative :D :hug: I didn't even get like 3 seconds in before I stopped watching it because the quality of the replay was so poor. Looking at the paralympic's Youtube Channel though, they had a live feed of the closing ceremony and are planning to upload it in the future so I'll have to grab it then (and use the converter software! Think of how long that one will take. :rolleyes: ).

    Oh oh! I LOVE Sleeping Sun! My mom didn't recognize it as Coldplay the first time we heard it.

    My favorite outtake from Viva is Lhuna:

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0DNCArnrAM"]Chris Martin (Coldplay) - Lhuna (feat. Kylie Minogue) - YouTube[/ame]

    Have you heard this one?

    I love all the B sides in general though! :dazzled:
    Stupid me; I had a dinner sprung on me last minute, so I couldn't see the closing ceremony live :cry:. I'm attempting to watch it now via the paralympic website but it's a skippy mess. :(

    I hope it was better live. :rolleyes:

    I like 'Till Kingdom Come. I tried covering that one too, but there's not much going on for the piano so I quit :p
    I had the option to take the ACT (today actually) but I didn't feel it was necessary; I'm pretty satisfied with my SAT scores. The school I want to go to does early acceptance, and even if I was to retake the SAT, my updated scores wouldn't come in time.

    X&Y is okay, but it's not my favorite. I love some of the songs (A Message, Talk, Swallowed in the Sea, and Fix You) but not enough to really cover it. I've experimented with Fix You and Swallowed in the Sea, but only Fix You is really good. We'll see!

    Yes, I'm going to try to catch the Paralympics! I wish they were broadcast on TV but unfortunately my TV doesn't have any listings for it. I'll be watching online though, how could I not? :dazzled:
    I love the MTV world stage concert :) I watch it all the time at my dad's, he actually gets Palladia and it plays often.

    I've been working on some covers recently, and they're really good - of Warning Sign and Amsterdam. I've really been loving the RoBttH era right now. It's so simple but so good. And so easy to cover.

    School is okay, but I can't say I'm thrilled to be back. I'm interning for a few of my teachers and just enjoying senior year. And I'm procrastinating. So much for a successful year. How's your year been?
    Yeah, I went college visiting. Then I went to Washington DC for a week. Then I went to the beach for three days. Now I'm home. This last leg of the summer has gone by so fast!

    I grabbed Glastonbury already. It took FOREVER to download! But it's worth it :) Do you have any Viva-era concerts? I really love those.

    I start school Thursday. I'm still working on summer work, so don't feel so bad about procrastinating! I can't help but procrastinate.
    Hey, I'm back. Sorry I haven't been around much! Seriously, I've been away from home for two weeks straight and haven't had a chance to do anything Coldplay related, other than read their Tweets. But I'm back!

    Oh, and if it's possible, my sleep schedule is going to be even more fucked up after the end of this week. I have to start going to bed at TEN. I also have to wake up at SIX. Yes, SIX AM. I'm going to die.

    Also, can you point me in the direction of some good concerts to rip? I finally downloaded that software you sent me and I need something to use it with! Thanks :)
    YEah it was awesome! Nah we didn't really talk about much... just made some small talk. Then he was off, to save the world I presume. I hope they do another tour of North America soon!

    Also, I got a link to the full first comic if you wanted it/hadn't seen it already.
    No I do too. For me though, songs will pop up into my head. They change depending on my mood or surroundings. Today at the campus I heard Strawberry Swing because it was "such a perfect day". In physics I used to regularly hear "speed of sound" because my teacher would mention it :rolleyes:. I'm weird.

    The NY common ap has like 5 topics. Four are lame questions and the fifth is topic of your choice, which I chose because it has the most options. My essay is good. I have to work the end a bit, then it'll be awesomesauce.
    I'm just hoping to fill the common ap out once and submit it everywhere. My awesome english teacher helped me with my college essay and it's awesome now, so that's not an issue. Idk, I was afraid for college but not so much anymore.

    Nice nod to In My Place :p
    I saw a school today that I think I'm going to go to. It was beautiful and just perfect. I loved it. But yeah, they gave up on the golf. My dad loves it but I think my aunt got bored. I don't blame her, I don't get it! :p
    Yeah, they're watching some sort of PGA championship? I think it might be a recording. I've never golfed besides going to the driving range and I probably never will.

    I'm planning to stay in-state. I like our schools so why not? haha
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