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  • Hey I'm back. Well I've been back for a while, but was a bit busy. Thought I should come in the forum and look for my friends. :nice:

    How are you doing. How's school?
    :D:D yeah I agree with you. Well, at least I can imagine this, because we have some difficulties with the articles. in English you have just "the", but in German we have three different ones and you actully have to learn every single one with each word :D
    well, yeah quite. I had Latin at school for 5 years. But the pronounciation isn't that important. Well, for me it was pronouncing the words like they were written. Quite simila to the German pronounciation as far as I can tell.
    if it was possible to have the subject up to the end I'd taken the course even though it was quite a fight sometimes with the written exams. 'cause sometimes it was just luck if you got the translation right. my tip: I wrote the translation of every word above the vocabulary and then I formed a sentence that made quite sense. Some forms I could recognize and so it helped, but sometimes I just got the translation wrong because some vocs had different meanings and one meaning just goes with a dative or genitive and then you have to know it. We could use a dictionary, but it was just Latin-German and you had to know the basic form of a word which is sometimes difficult if a word looks completely different if it is in a different case.
    I only know about three french words and that was it. Maybe I could understand a bit if I knew a similar form in latin. sometimes it helps. But never the kess french is a nice language to listen to even if you don't understand it. :nice:
    I've been in a musical in Paris and I didn't understand anything, but I knew the story. the play was Cleopatra and I really know the story, because of many films and so on.
    I don't think I know this film.
    But I know a lot of american movies. Most of the movies in the cinema here are productions from america, some are german and we have some french movies.
    How is it in America? Do you also have movies from other countries. I mean reagulary.
    yeah some characters are really scary.
    My biggest problem is with zombies though. When I watch such a movie I get nightmares like I'm in a room and I see through an open door lots of zombies running into my direction and I am about 3 meters from the door away, but I move in slowmotion and the zombies get faster and faster.
    That's really scary. but I like the films. I can't help it. :D:D

    Sometimes there even things in a movie that you think are unimportant but then you dream of them. :confused:
    Yes I think I'll watch the 4th of PotC when it comes out. I also heard about a 4th and that keira and orlando wouldn't play in it. I heard that it maybe is about Jack's past (but I can't imagine this because I think that his pirate's life started with the black pearl or nearly before that and we know the story. well, as it is told in the films, unless they show how jack became a Pirate or his youth. I really don't know) so I hope it will be about Jack's life after the 3rd movie. You know when I escaped with the part of the map that Barbossa had.
    :D I really love the jokes in the movies and that Johnny Depp plays this role.
    He plays a lot of unusual roles which is a fact that I really like about Johnny Depp.

    Oh and yes, I've seen the Trailer already of Alice in Wonderland. It's also a 3D movie. I've seen the trailer when I went to the cinema to watch Avatar and the Trailer was in 3D already.
    The best part of the Trailer was with the cat and the head of it, because it was 3D it seemed that the cat was just looking at you and not the other (I don't know how many) people in the cinema.
    And the blew (I think so) eyes which appeared of the cat :D:D
    thank you! :)

    I started the story when we talked about distopia in English class and over christmas holidays 2008 we got the homework to write one ourselves and I got the idea, why not writing about coldplay in a way that my teacher and most of the others wouldn't recognise it.
    And then I just continued. I think my teacher read only the first chapter or a bit less. :D

    How do you like Pirated of the Caribbean? I'm listening to the soundtrack at the moment by Hans Zimmer and I really like the music.
    I think I know how you feel about the piano learning thing because I think all the time that if I had started to play it earlier I'd been extremely better. Now I have to work long with one song until I can play it.

    :embarrassed: yeah, well I think I'm guilty. Twilight! Well, I've always been interested in Vampire stories like "Dance of the Vampire" or "Buffy", "Angel" (even if I like older film more) Then Twilight it started with a friend of mine. Out of the blew she came and asked me if I could look for the movie twilight on the internet in English. She'd read the books in English and so she wanted to watch the movie. well I found it for her and thought that I could also watch it.
    So I did. I even started the first book to read. I borrowed it from another friend, but I don't know, one scene seemed to be boring. Then I saw the movie and was fascinated, but that's not when the whole thing REALLY started. It started after I watched the second filim.
    Well, I think it was kindo obvious that Jacob was a werewolf, even for me and I didn't read the book. But the end of the film was made really, well, the tension raised BUT the movie was finished.
    So I couldn't wait anymore and, surprise, christmas time! So I wished to get the books. There was a special price for all four in English and I didn't mind to read them in English or German, and I got them :wacky:
    I think I started readin immediately. :mellow: It was like I devoured the books. I started again to read in the evening in my bed. and then you forget the time and suddenly it's later than you usually would try to sleep. :whistle:
    oh and yeah, one book each week. Now I have 130 pages left and then I'm finished. oh and I can understand your cousin ;) in the second film Taylor Lautner is really adorable! He reminds me of a dog and I really like dogs.
    And I really like the soundtrack of the two movies.
    mmhhh. I don't know "the host". What's it about?

    :stunned: now YOU've got to be kidding! You like to play sims? :laugh4: I don't play it regularly, but I started about one week ago again to play a little bit. :wacky:
    with my old computer I also had problems with the quality of the game, but now I have my brother's old one and it's better than mine was and I don't have any problems at the moment.
    ehm do you know all of them? "the sims" "the sims 2" and "the sims 3"
    I'm playing 3 at the moment. I like it because you can go to town whenever you want and the game doesn't really have to lead it for too long. Oh and you can make the neighbours change things themselves like getting a job, marrying. moving or dying.

    I'll try to find the fanfiction that I posted in the fanfiction thread and I'll send you the link.

    during the week we also had about -10°C here. And the whole streets were frozen. It was suicidal to go out and drive. (ok, I did because I had to get to school, but it was dangerous) and btw. it made a lot of fun when you noticed that you drifted a little bit :laugh4:
    I also like singing, but I think that no one would like to hear it! :D only if they are deaf ;)
    well i like to play piano. I actually started my music "career" with the fluet and then I learned to play a bit keyboard. the I stopped going to music school and when I became a coldplay fan and had my worst fanphase I tried to play the songs on my keyboard. after a while I also started to play other songs, but it sounded quite flannelly and I wished to play on a piano. well, the end is that I have one now.
    ehm, I am also in a reading phase at the moment. I read a lot. It gets an illness :D my current book is breaking dawn. the fourth of the twilight saga. I got the books in english for christmas and I read almost one book each week, but I would be faster if I read every day, but at the moment I get a lot homework stuff to do. :dozey:
    and since I'm in the language (english) at the moment I want to continue with three other books that I bought when I was in england. They sound pretty cool.

    well, I also like computer games, but at the moment I don't have much time. Maybe at weekends, sometimes.

    btw. writing books. I used to write stories myself. :smug: even fanfictions here in the forum, but I lost my point in the last story and I have to get into it someday again. I think otherwise I'll get killed by Miss Lestrade :D:D
    Do you know her? She's really nice. But not if the topic is called fanfiction :escaping:

    ehm..., I don't know other things at the moment. I like traveling to other countries. I think I've been to 7 countries. Great Britain, France, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Hungary. I don't know if I've been in another one too. Well, ok when we drove to one of the countries we passed countries like the switzerland, Belgium.
    yeah she's really popular in the belly dancing area.

    well, I'm completely German. Ok, somewhere in my really, really far past we had relatives in france or the netherlands, but this is really long ago.
    We have a lot of Turkish people living here though and a lot of them are doing it. and also people from russian areas.
    I really like to watch the belly dance superstars. I also have my favourits. First I like Aziza and Sharon Kihara. Another thing that I really like is the rythm and the beats and you can dance on almost every song. :)

    What are your hobbies or your greatest?
    yeah I do belly dance, even though I'm taking a break now. Not from doing it but from going to the dance school. I'll have to concentrate on my A-levels and I don't know how I will have the time this year.
    I did it with a good friend and we both want to continue for ourselves. especially another reason is that we see each other regularly, 'cause we're not in the same school. I know her from primary school though.

    and I don't think that you'd look ridiculous. At the beginning it's harder for everyone. I still have a lot of difficulties, but maybe we didn't go dancing regularly all the time. especially not during holidays.
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aiAHVoadmzo"]YouTube- Leyla Jouvana & Roland Drum Solo[/ame]
    that's the teacher I learned from with her husband. Her name's leyla jouvana. She does a solo though I danced in a group with my friend.
    :) you can always try it for yourself. there are lots of videos on youtube where you can watch how to do it. :nice:
    That's cool. :nice: I liked Coldplay back then, but I never really realized that a lot of the songs I liked were by them. :lol:...:uhoh:
    :lol: I was named after my aunt Laurie....she's a terrible person too. :laugh3: Effie? :wacko: I like that name. :nice:
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