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  • Oh, well I hope you're feeling better! And yeah, I like Muse! I haven't gotten too into The 2nd Law yet, but I like a few songs so far. I'm hoping to go see them live though, when they come here in february! But I'm still trying to figure out money and who to go with.. And why do you despise forums? Haha but I feel the same about facebook sometimes. I think I like twitter more :p
    That's good! Me too, I watched the Lolla festival live and it was amazing!!! And ya, nice hearing from you too :)
    Thank yoou! I thought so too! :) And it's going pretty good, just came on here hoping for some news. How about yourself?

    I'm sorry, I lost all my files when I changed my computer so I can't reupload that :(
    Yeah I'm sure I will grow to like them...just haven't got around to listening to everything yet. But, I'm getting there!
    And nope, I actually haven't heard of him
    I like Paranoid Android and No Surprises... It usually takes me a long time to grow to like a new band though...so still working on it. And yep, heard of Gorillaz..Not sure if i've "heard" them tho.
    Ohh coool. Can't wait for a break from my school.. Only one more week til' spring break!
    Kay, soo I'll start with Ok Computer then..Hope I like it!!! :D
    Yeah I agree! but to be honest.. I'm really trying to like Radiohead..but no luck yet. Only song I kinda like by them right now is "No Surprises"
    And I've just been busy. Haven't really been on facebook in ages, just here :p..
    How bout' you?
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