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  • oh also I've been meaning to send you a spotify playlist of some tunes. So I can send them to you now or soon if you like (just have to add a few more tracks)
    haha yeah... some people just cannot be helped, and some people are just too close-minded.

    Little do they actually know that a lot of religious beliefs around are just a way to control peoples lives and minds.
    haha yeah well you can come back to the thread when you get time to. enjoy it with her!

    Yeah. That's one thing I've never understood about religion or religious beliefs is that they're always talking about how God loves everyone and you should follow the word of Jesus, yet if this was the case to love everyone then no one should be persecuted. Just like the color of your skin, or nationality or whatever it is, there are things that people are automatically born into and people should not look down upon. I feel bad for the guy having to go through that trauma and non acceptance, but at the same time find it weird that he would continue to be religious given what people that follow it believe.

    Either way if we are to evolve as a species and not destroy ourselves we need to all grow tolerance and compassion towards one another. So long as you are not physically hurting someone then you should be allowed to do what you want.
    that video was really interesting! Dawkins and Hitchens are always so interesting to listen to speak. Thanks for passing it along. The ideas or discussions they propose really make you think more in a more objective way. More people should take their points seriously *cough*religious folk*cough*
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