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Recent content by psychedelic_punk

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    Alternative Violet Hill videoclip on ColdplayTV (Youtube)

    Phwoar, just got around to watching that. I'm a big fan of satire and intelligent messages in the music video - its a brilliant avenue, reaches lots of people. This video impressed me. I love the synchronicity of the fireworks and explosions, very elegant, very emotive. I dont think music...
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    Chris Martin in Be Here Row

    Ok, one, when are Oasis NOT in a row with someone? And two, stuff the "un-Coldplay-ness" of it, if it annoys Oasis, DO IT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. About bloody time someone put the prats in their places.:smug: Although we all saw the ugly, ugly situation after the Blur vs Oasis feud. Start THAT...
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    Violet Hill... ummmm, I now like it... a lot...

    I really love Violet Hill, I find it quite anthemic, lol... About the radio not playing it, I know!!! Even Aussie's Triple J arent playing it, & theyre like our last remaining link to the free world of music, & the last time it was played was on a weekend lunch show.:stunned: I dont know why...
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    Not Impressed with Violet Hill video

    I really liked it, I thought it was fun and a bit like a French impressionist film, actually, with the random chaos and then suddenly dead-serious moments, it was a bit Beatles and Python-esque. It was like watching a bunch of normal guys being ridiculous. Which I like.:laugh3: That 'intrepid...
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    Violet Hill FULL VIDEO!

    Just missed that rock at the end, man!!!:laugh3: I love the headbanging, its very Bohemian rhapsody. Well not really. Felt much like a french impressionist film, bizarre and silly and then suddenly inappropriately serious. Loved it, personally. I cant help love watching Chris trudging and...
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    Coldplay Sets Dates for Extensive "Viva La Vida" Tour

    Yes but WHY NO AUSTRALIAN DATES?? :angry: *goes into grump about entire continent's location*
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    Live Nation hint at "different" Coldplay tour

    Lol, back on topic, I was thinking the same when it comes to the whole lasers and cirque du soleil thing, I was thinking Muse with their massive Wembley show & the HAARP DVD that came out after that, but that's not world-reaching i suppose, although it had screenings in Sydney, so thats...
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    The Problem with Viva la Vida

    Yeah I'm worried, man, I really don't click with Viva La Vida at all, I really don't like it, and I've tried to re-listen 5 times (or 6?), & it's just not my thing, but I'm in love with Violet Hill, that's my scene. VLV is just too synthy for me I think, & I do like some electronica & some 80's...
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    Coldplaying's Favorite Artists and Bands of all time! March 30th- April 30th.

    Great way to get my first post! Has everyone listened to Violet Hills yet? Coldplay prove once again why theyre one of the greatest and strongest bands of our generation (or EVER...) I loved it instantly & I'm so geared about the album!!!!!! 1.Radiohead (Argueably one of the best ever)...