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  • I remember that we got 3 songs with Rihanna instead of 2 (Princess of China + Umbrella) because of a technical problem during Princess of China. Chris said : "Yeah, one more song with Rihanna !" That was so great !

    :p I'm pretty proud indead. The fact of being a country chosen by Coldplay for a dvd is crazy ! :) I also remember Phil Harvey who said on twitter :

    "paris - loudest sexiest crowd of the whole tour. you're going to look so beautiful in the film"

    I often ask "Coldplay in my garden/house" for my birthday! :lol:

    That must be wonderful to meet them. :) I cross my fingers ! Apparently it happens when you just don't expect it.
    Hi !
    Happy New Year ! :)
    It's snowing these days. I love snow! :p It begins to melt.
    :laugh3: You're right.
    I remember my first gig. I spent the whole concert with my mouth wide open, thinking "That's amazing" or dancing (that's pretty rare because I'm hate dancing, I'm so bad :lol:) and singing/screaming youuuyou (a kind of French yihaaa :lol:). At the end of the gig, I was in shock. I was like : "Ok, that's the best concert I've ever seen in my life !" I was in such a state that I've reheard the Oh oh oh oh oh of the crowd for 2 days. :lol: I did feel like a child. So magic !
    I saw the film in my cinema (and then in dvd) and that was really moving. I kept thinking : "I was there !" And that was pretty funny to see cameras floating above the crowd.
    Hi April !

    I do love your gifts, thank you again. I prefer the boomark because I'm a bookworm ! :)

    I was pretty jealous when I saw that it was so hot in your country. We are in winter and it was -2°C when I got your letter... :laugh3: And I was like : "Gosh, she's drinking cocktails on the beach!!! I want to go there !" Fortunately, it's getting warmer.

    I have seen the band 4 times. Once in London and my other coldplayic gigs were in Paris (I was in the Stade the France for the dvd :p ). The MX tour has been wonderful. I've become a fan only since Viva la Vida but I can say that I'm a super coldplayic. :)

    My biggest dream is to meet the band but I haven't had the opportunity so far. You're really lucky !

    I have never been to Australia but I have to admit that I would like to go there. It looks great !

    I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year. :)
    I hate it when the heater isn't working properly and it's 14°C in my room asdghasf
    Duuude you must be so excited right now, I'm very happy for you that you'll see Coldplay in a few weeks! :dance::cheesy:

    Ah okay, I always hate converting celsius and meters to fahrenheit and feet for the Americans! :shame:

    You know, the only thing for me that sucks about winter is the high chance of getting a cold. And guess what I got two days ago :awesome:


    Oh dear, what an awful week :sad2: My grandfather also passed away 3 weeks ago, but I didn't know him that well so I'm not really affected by his death..

    Coldplay is really the cure for a hurt soul, their music helped me a lot.

    Surprise surprise! Weird earth and its wobbly centerline, makes opposite seasons possible LOL :awesome:

    Hooray for crappy weather :dozey:

    Well, right now it's 13°C outside I think. But at night it's somewhere around 3°C :dead:

    Do you use Celsius in Australia? :surprised:
    Oh no, what happened? :sad2:

    Well at least you'll see the boys soon, that's fantastic! :dance: I thought you lived in America, that's why I was a little bit confused when you mentioned that you enjoy the Australian spring! :lol:

    It's so weird, here in Germany the autumn starts :wacko: I find it funny that you have another season :D
    OH I'm doing rather well so far :awesome: The weather is great (I love autumn :wacky:) university is starting again, and I'm motivated by life :cheesy:

    And how are you? :wideeyed:
    Well I've been doing loads of crap for university, drawing pictures, making an animation film about NYC (there's a thread about it in the Lounge thread as well, since I needed help from some acutal New Yorkers lol) and I'm just surviving lol, so nothing exciting <__<

    AND YOU? :cheesy:
    It was, can't wait until next friday when I see Coldplay again AAAAAAAHHHH!!! :dance::drunk::dead::angel:

    You're _SO_ in for a good show, the boys were on fire the past few shows, there are good spirits around this time! :D

    Yeah doing your own stuff on your free time is the most fun thing to do :dazzled: OMG AN APOCALYPSE FIC OMG

    You know, that is one of my weaknesses :anxious: Actually I have a few Coldplay fanfics in my head, too, but I'm too lazy to write them down lol. :shame: One is about Chris and Jonny being stuck inside a rundown house, hiding from a zombie-apocalypse outside, and they're trying to survive somehow. And then one day Jonny gets bitten :uhoh::uhoh2: You think I should give it a go sometime? :lol:
    Hello there, I'm absolutely knackered and over the moon, was at the Cologne gig yesterday and everything fucking HURTS :lol::dead: I posted a little review in the thread if you're interested.

    So to answer your question, I'm feeling a great kind of hurt! :laugh3:
    And I just totally realised you posted a crapload of new chapters AND a new story on the fanfcition thread that I haven't read yet :| Will do so later today :wideeyed:

    How are you then ? :wacky:
    Aww, thanks! I miss that time when the fanfic thread was popular. As for blogs or sites... A page on tumblr if you want to attract new fans. Or on blogspot if you want to archive it. There is also AO3 but, the waiting list is packed until next January. Or you can use all three? :p Thanks so much for the post though! I can wait to reread it and catch up! Keep writing!
    Hi! Remember me? Probably not, I just have a question, do you have all of Fight for Every Dream in one place? I can't remember where I left off and the thread is a mess! Thanks!
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