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    Ink is gonna be my favourite track!

    I quite read a lot of your post lately and I just have to say: I probably should leave the forum because you find exactly always the words which describe my opinion perfectly! I also really dig Ink...nice fresh tune on the album!
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    True Love

    I also don't like the verse to much to be honest, but as soon as the songs really starts after 2 minutes it is a gorgeous piece of work! I really, really like this song. For me under the top4 of the album.
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    Rank the Ghost Stories songs!

    I just heard the songs besides Magic, Midnight and ASFOS for the first time now after streaming...for me, it is really hard to say which songs are the best. I'll try it though. The best ones are clearly Always in my Head, Midnight and O for me. 1. Always in my head: Such a nice and warm...
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    Criticisms with the album?

    I now also heard Ghost Stories for the first time, after never listening to AIMH and all the rest. Only heard Magic, Midnight and A sky full of stars before and nothing else. To be quite honest...i overall like the album, it is really understated most parts and with all going on around...
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    Ghost Stories, release date: 19 May 2014

    Are there any chances the stream is cut into the different songs and uploaded here somewhere (no worries, I'll buy the album anyway!).
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    [14-Sep-2012] Coldplay @ Red Bull Arena, Leipzig, Germany

    Oh interesting that they open at 4pm. Hopefully its allright if I'm going inside around 5:30... I
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    [14-Sep-2012] Coldplay @ Red Bull Arena, Leipzig, Germany

    Wann sollte man denn kommen, um einen vernünftigen Stehplatz zu bekommen? Ab wann lassen sie denn die Leute überhaupt rein? ------------------ Do you know when you should be there to get a nice place? When are the doors open?
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    UK Midweek Chart update: Coldplay claim biggest first-week sales since May (122,508 copies in just T

    There are too many very very positive reviews from really serious sources to say something like that.
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    7 from Pitchfork ? This is an historic event

    Pitchfork is another source which gives the album a good mark with regard to the other album marks. Interesting that most reviews of serious media are very positive on Mylo Xyloto (BBC, Financal Times, some German high quality media etc...). Very interesting and shows that the album isn't just...
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    Wow! This album is getting slaughtered by the press and fans!

    I don't see the point. Because I think the reviews are quite mixed - which everyone expected. The album is so different to anything before so its natural that there will be divided reactions on it. My iTunes store gives the album 4.5/5 stars and nearly 1000 people already voted. A lot of serious...
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    Hows MX? Im not feeling the reviews

    There are some serious critics, some unserious ones. Especially the sophisticated sites are really positiv about Mylo Xyloto, also in Germany. Often the more unserious papers like DailyMail are really harsh. I don't see that the majority of the critics is bad, really. I mostly read positive...
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    First or Second Half?

    I really love the sound wall in the first part with the strings and synth (?) but nevertheless the second part is the perfect closer for the story of the album. You can imangine how the young pair walks across the television hand in hand and you can see the sun and in the background "good things...
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    Rate "Up in Flames"

    After some listenings and thinking about the minimalistic character and its purpose in the context of the story I want to give it a 8.5-9.0. It really grew on me. This song shows perfectly the emptiness after losing someone you love. Very nice but the first 10 seconds are a bit strange. The...
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    First Impressions of Mylo Xyloto (and vote in the 1-10 sliding scale poll!)

    Yeah, I see it the same way. This is serious criticism. Personally I want to say some words about Up in Flames. It seems like PoC is the song how Mylo and Xyloto broke down their relationship and Up in Flames is the song which describes the emptiness you feel when you loose someone who is...
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    Up in flames studio version is amazing

    The first ten seconds or so are really strange but than its a perfect song for someone who broke up his relationship and just feels nothing or emptiness. And this feeling covers the song. Great in a way...
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    Rate U.F.O. poll!

    Did I even say how fucking amazing this song is? Sorry, but I swear you I felt emotions I didn't even know before. Heavenly good! Great job guys!
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    Anyone not listening to the album.

    Finally I'm going to hear Mylo Xyloto on a good soundsystem. Looking forward to it. Back in 45 minutes! ;)
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    Rate CB and comment on what you think!

    It was stunning to see all the added details, especially the beginning and the outro of Paradise. The verse sounds brilliant, better than expected, very energetic. The rest of the song is flawless, mind-blowing song!
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    First Impressions of Mylo Xyloto (and vote in the 1-10 sliding scale poll!)

    Just heard a podcast from one of the most serious radio stations in Germany. It was about 5 min long with much statements of Chris and they describe the new album in detail. The radio station said its one of the most demanding records of all time, extremely ambitious...clearly AVANT-GARDE and...
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    Coldplay beat Adele pre-order record with new album 'Mylo Xyloto'

    No wonder with regard to the awesomeness of the record.