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    Chris liked #AHFODproject claim

    Hi dear coldplaying family, I made so many efforts to make Coldplay aware of my #AHFODproject and look what happened: 1. I went all the way to Gelsenkirchen 1st of June just for standing many hours at the backstage gate and fortunately some wonderful tourangels brought my presentation folders...
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    please support AHFOD project

    Dear ones, I am rather inexperienced with social media stuff but it seems the only way left to gratefully contact you all: please notice this message. Thank you for reading. Since many weeks now I try the official way for presenting my AHFOD creation to Phil or the Band via officiel web...
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    present backstage

    Hello everybody, I have made a beautiful little booklet for Coldplay. Now my question: How do presents get backstage like it was in Argentina? Anyone an idea whom to give or where to deposit it? I am from Cologne and going to Concert in Gelsenkirchen. Thanx a lot for potential hints!