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  1. Fraetes

    Live at the Natural History Museum London 25 Nov 2019

    If anyone`s got a spare ticket, please let me know....
  2. Fraetes

    Live at the Natural History Museum London 25 Nov 2019

    Just booked hotel and flights from Cologne without having a ticket. :laughing: The next coldplay(ing) adventure of a lifetime...
  3. Fraetes

    Orphans - Sunset

    Lyrics by: Chris Martin, Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland, Moses Martin, Will Champion (source: Apple Music / iTunes)
  4. Fraetes

    LP8 Thread - Everyday Life

    Excited for the next chapter...:grinning:
  5. Fraetes

    coldplay portugal

    Hi, i have got two tickets for Wales vs Portugal on Wed that I would like to sell. Is anyone of You interested or do You know anyone who might be interested? I could send the tickets via express shipment. Coldplaying friendship price guaranteed! Please contact me at once, because shipment...
  6. Fraetes

    Bringing Back Coldplaying Charity Donations

    glad to help :loveshower:
  7. Fraetes

    Let's Choose A Song For The Tour!

    I'd love to see them perform older, pure live songs like One I Love, Politik, Life is for Living and GPASUYF (I hope they're gonna play it anyway).
  8. Fraetes

    The 'Is It On Your iPod?' Game: ARTIST VERSION!

    some! :rolleyes: Chilly Gonzales?
  9. Fraetes

    whoooohoooo singalong poll

  10. Fraetes

    whoooohoooo singalong poll

    I'm afraid I have to report this if You don't vote!
  11. Fraetes

    whoooohoooo singalong poll

    Anyways, admit! You DO singalong, don't cha?
  12. Fraetes

    whoooohoooo singalong poll

    I am curious: Do You sing along with Chris or Will during the end chorus?
  13. Fraetes

    [2015-12-17] Coldplaying Asks Coldplay - The Batman Interview

    As I told You before, well done, Batman! Thank You for bringing us so close to our favourite band!
  14. Fraetes

    German Fans?

    Don't panic!
  15. Fraetes

    German Fans?

    You should contact eventim. Usually they send the tickets within a few days.
  16. Fraetes

    [2015-12-17] The Voice of Germany Finale

    Dunno if this works outside of Germany....
  17. Fraetes

    German Fans?

    Huhu Stephie! Also mich gibts zwar hier noch, aber das meiste findet hier natürlich eher englischsprachig statt und hauptsächlich lese ich auch und schreibe nur selten. Ich habe Tickets für Gelsenkirchen, Hamburg und 2x Wembley. Ob ich diesen Plan in die Tat umsetzen kann, ist allerdings noch...
  18. Fraetes

    Coldplay live in Offenbach Dec, 8th 2015, Free Tickets , Telekom Streetgigs

    I like this band a bit :D
  19. Fraetes

    [2016-06-18] Wembley Stadium, London, UK

    if you get the "sorry" message, keep on refreshing. Patience!
  20. Fraetes

    [2016-06-18] Wembley Stadium, London, UK

    SCORE! Section YELLOW, Pitch Standing / unreservated seating Level 1! See You soon!