12 Coldplay Months Of 2008: FEBRUARY (Eleven Bloody Punch-ups)


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Sep 8, 2002
Chris Martin v Dani Filth (Puffer v Puff)

British rocker Dani Filth wanted to go head-to-head with Coldplay vocalist Chris Martin in a boxing match. The founding member of extreme metal band Cradle Of Filth branded indie frontman Martin a "sap" saying he would be his first choice to have a fight with. He says, "Probably that c**t Chris Martin from Coldplay. I wouldn't even wait for the bell. "Absolutely everything about him makes me want to puke. He's such a sap, and the way that he wrote that s**t about 'freedom' on his hand was pathetic. If you strongly believe in something you don't write it on your hand with a biro, you tattoo it across your f**king face."

We asked who you'd put your money on. The results were overwhelmingly in favour of the 'c**t from Coldplay', as he was cherishly known.

Coldplay Manager Updates Us On Coldplay's Fourth Album

There were no February Prospekt updates but Coldplay were putting the finishing touches on the fourth studio album, Dave Holmes confirmed. He said the as-yet-untitled project was set for an early summer release via Capitol. A summer tour of North America and Europe would follow.

"We're just about finished," band manager Dave Holmes tells Billboard.com. "They're in the final mixing. They'll start mastering, and away we go." Typically light on hyperbole, Holmes is enthusiastic about the new project. "I think it's their best album," he says. "They've really delivered. It's a fantastic record. They've really put the work in."

Holmes says the album "definitely takes them in some different directions. I'm not a music critic, but it's certainly a progression, with some really great songwriting."

Touring plans are still in the works, but Holmes says the band is working on something "special," with several ideas in development. The band is working for the first time with respected lighting director/set designer Paul Normandale on ideas, "and if we can pull this off it's going to be quite different. We're going to try something a little different in the arena space."

Holmes adds, "The guys are really eager to get back on the road. They're really looking forward to touring and getting back out there."

Meanwhile, NME are once again ahead of the game :rolleyes:, reporting several days after Prospekt that Coldplay were close to finishing their fourth studio album. XFM weren't far behind either.

Coldplay Add 'Song For The Escapist' To Forthcoming Album

The Observer (UK newspaper) gave us more information on Coldplay's new album, and in particular, details of a new track and the new CD artwork. Here's what they had to say:

Coldplay were persuaded to write the closing credit track for new British film The Escapist, a Sundance hit. Now the band have seen and loved the film, they have decided to include 'Song For The Escapist' on their forthcoming album. I hear, too, that the record company was a little miffed at having to redesign the CD artwork to include the song on the track listing, but the band insisted and their patronage will, I'm sure, give this tough British film a boost.

Meanwhile it was reported that Coldplay were having a garage sale at their studio. So, anyone who wanted to pick up a gadget with Korg, Roland, Linn, Pearl, Hafler or Yamaha written on it, they headed off to eBay, because that’s where they'd find it.

Biker Boy Chris Martin Gets His Nails Done

Chris Martin looked more like a neighbourhood yob in his hooded puffa jacket than a millionaire rock star, the British tabloids were reporting on 28th February.

The Coldplay singer was hiding his identity as he raced through the streets of London’s posh Primrose Hill on his bike. But the eco-friendly star was unable to hide his terrible painted nails. Chris was out without actress wife Gwyneth Paltrow — and his wedding ring was missing too.

"Apple, daddy needs to finish this album ok, stop painting daddy's nails..."

End February Album Updates... Lots!

New track titles announced: Death and All His Friends | Life In Technicolor | Chinese Sleep Chant | Reign Of Love

Rolling Stone were behind the scenes with Coldplay as they record their fourth album. They released more details on new track titles, including a synopsis of various tracks. Here's their blurb:

Coldplay are currently holed up in a studio in northern London, trying to hammer out the details for their still-untitled fourth album, due out in May. On a white board, three band members have posted radically different proposed track listings for the album. Chris Martin has withheld his, hoping to lobby his colleagues a little while longer. "I heard a Bono quote once that said 'Bands shouldn't break up over money, they should break up over track listing,' " he says. "Nothing could be more pertinent at this point."

Several tracks are considerably rougher around the edges, with distorted guitars and more prominent percussion. The lyrics are darker, dealing with recurring themes of death and loneliness. And on several songs, Martin extends his vocal palette considerably beyond the falsetto that has largely defined him, exhibiting a lower, sexier mode that feels more personal and real. "Whether or not it's good, we certainly started to use more colors," says Martin. "It's impossible to please everybody, and it took us a while to learn that. It's just the freedom to say, 'Everyone might not like this. We're into it at the moment, so let's just get it done.' "

First Tour Dates Of 2008 Announced

It was announced that Coldplay would be performing at Summer Sonic, Tokyo/Osaka, in August 2008. Would we really believe this would only be the start of the biggest Coldplay tour yet?



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Dec 2, 2006
The new track titles, because then you realize it's almost going to happen.. :)