[23-Sept-2011] Coldplay @ iHeartRadio Music Festival, MGM Grand in Las Vegas


New Coldplayer
Aug 1, 2011
Really great pics!:p Had to stay up till 1:eek:o am here, but Coldplay never lets you down. :wink3: Strange line up :confused:


Jun 5, 2009
Oh dang, I feel fast asleep and missed it. Anyone know if it will be repeated? Or if it's available anywhere?


mr coldplaying himself
Sep 8, 2002
Jay-Z, Coldplay open iHeartRadio concert in Vegas

Jay-Z, Coldplay open iHeartRadio concert in Vegas

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Jay-Z rapped about his beef with corporate radio in the monster jam "99 Problems," noting that stations won't play his hits if he doesn't do their shows. But on Friday, he played savior to radio station giant Clear Channel, headlining a two-night concert billed as the largest in radio history and a major step toward keeping the industry alive in the dot-com era.

The rapper bounced across a stage outfitted with two drum sets and two guitarists as he spit out his biggest hits and swung the two oversized gold chains hanging from his neck. It was the final performance of a night that saw confetti bombs dust the shoulders of pop sensations Kelly Clarkson, the Black Eyed Peas, Bruno Mars and Carrie Underwood. The spectacle was scheduled to continue Saturday night, with headliners Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Sting and Steven Tyler.
The star-studded lineup usually reserved for charity concerts was a marketing blitz that drew thousands to the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas and was broadcast to more than 10 million radio listeners across the country. Its intended beneficiary was iHeartRadio, Clear Channel's revamped free personalized music website that allows users to create custom radio stations and is meant to compete with the web's most popular online music services, especially Pandora.
"This is our coming out party," said Bob Pittman, chairman of media and entertainment platforms for Clear Channel Communications Inc. "What makes the festival so unusual is every act is a headliner."

The concert hosted by Ryan Seacrest began with the Black Eyed Peas taking the stage in a fit of confetti and pyrotechnics. Fergie, the pop group's only female member, snaked across the stage in black shorts that revealed her butt checks.
Concertgoers also waved their glowing cellphones in the air for Alicia Keys, Coldplay and rock band Jane's Addiction during the nearly five-hour concert. In a nod to Las Vegas' showgirl tradition, two feather-frocked, barely clad dancers frolicked across the stage as Jane's Addiction performed.

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin and Mars each paid tribute to late British soul diva Amy Winehouse, with Mars performing Winehouse's "Valerie" as a brass quartet waved their horns in unison, and Martin urging the packed arena to join him in a mournful chorus of her prophetic hit "Rehab."

Fireworks later dusted the stage as Martin twirled his arms, curved his hips and then rolled over backward in a flurry of dance. A psychedelic piano joined him on stage.

Keys and Jay-Z performed the only duet of the night, a sequin-drenched performance of their hit "Empire State of Mind." Jay-Z thanked the crowd for singing along.

"I know I am on the West Coast," he said.

The mix of country, rock, rap, pop and R&B was a deliberate nod to the broad array of music available on iHeartRadio, Pittman said. The revamped website allows listeners to hear the feeds of more than 800 stations or create individualized channels that stream music along specific genres. Listeners can access 400,000 artists and 11 million tracks, millions more than Pandora.

Pandora launched in 2005, offering revolutionary computer formulas that create personalized song lists based on each users' tastes. It has grown to more than 30 million listeners each month.

Clear Channel is not about to cede its web listeners to another company. When it announced the iHeartRadio revamp, it had about 27 million listeners per month, just short of Pandora's reach. This month, iHeartRadio climbed to 30 million listeners each month, Pittman said. In all, Clear Channel reaches 237 million listeners each month over traditional radio airwaves, ensuring that the company will be able to promote the site to millions of potential consumers.

Clear Channel will also turn to the music site to identify emerging artists ready for traditional radio and get user feedback.

"It's a way for us to discover more artists," Pittman said.

The beta site launched Sept. 8. This weekend's two-day festival marks the site's grand opening.

It's unclear whether the multi-day concert will drive listeners to iHeartRadio. Tickets sold out in 10 minutes.

Livio Lippetti, of Huntington Beach, Calif., traveled to Las Vegas to see Bruno Mars and the other headliners Friday. He said he had never heard of the website, despite advertisements promoting the site flashing over the stage after each act. He said he prefers Sirius XM Radio Inc.'s satellite service to web stations.

"I'm all about XM," he said.




I Saw Sparks
May 2, 2005
My review:

I have been to two other festivals this year(Lollapalooza and ACL) and this definitely wasn't your typical festival. Each band/artist only performed for 30 minutes each and the time seemed to fly by. When Coldplay hit the stage, I was so excited. Let me say this, the crowd seems more into the other acts than Coldplay( a lot of people were really into Jay-Z) The boys did well and tried to get the crowd involved, I think the biggest reaction came from the crowd when they played "Clocks" and "Fix You" even Viva in my opinion did not have as big as a response as i'm used to but it may have been where I was standing. I was one of the only ones standing up in my section and I absolutely loved every minute they were on stage. It was strange to not hear certain songs and the fact that they started with Viva but they pretty much just played their biggest radio hits so I understand why they played the songs they did. I still absolutely LOVE Paradise live. Although, they only played for 30 minutes, it was worth the money because I saw a lot of great acts I have been wanting to see. Here are some pictures I took, they didn't come out the greatest but some came out pretty decent:



My 'MY HILL' thread.;p
Dec 17, 2005
I have audio of David's stream Not good enough for a thread, unless anyone wants one, but if anyone wants it, PM me. It's really not great quality, but it's intact.


Performer, Coldplay Choir
Jan 14, 2010
Finally home after the trek to Vegas and back. I enjoyed the whole show! But the crowd definitely wasn't a Coldplay crowd. Like Lauren, I was the only one standing in my section afer Viva - now really, can you imagine not standing for Fix You? Chris worked hard to get people into it; at one point I thought he was going to dive into the crowd but he just leaned over to high five the people right up front. It did feel strange to hear the songs in such a different order, starting with Viva. (It also felt funny to hear "99 Problems" from Jay-Z without Coldplay immediately following!) The revolving stage made it a quick change between acts which was great; while Ryan Seacrest was talking I did a double take as Chris was wandering around the stage behind him and I realized the boys were all on stage casually getting set up!

"Paradise" haters, all I can say is wait until you experience the song live. It is sweeping and majestic and all four of the boys put their best into it. Will post photos and video in the next day or so.

Next time, though, I probably won't travel over 1700 miles for six Coldplay songs. :D


Sep 5, 2008
01. Charlie Brown
02. Fix You
03. Every Teardrop is a Waterfall

Full HD:

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PE8b6GXrAGY&hd=1&list=PL98F96BBFB76C7CEA"]Coldplay - Live at iHeartRadio Music Festival 2011 Full HD - YouTube[/ame]