Winners of the Coldplaying Awards 2015

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Oct 27, 2004
Ladies and Gentlemen, the winners of the Coldplaying Awards 2015 have been announced and separate threads have been made for discussion. Here is an overall view of the winners. Congratulations!

Coldplay-related awards:

Mr Coldplaying 2015: Sparky
Mrs Coldplaying 2015: Batman
Biggest Chris fan 2015: @AwardChris
Biggest Jonny Fan 2015: anthamic
Biggest Will fan 2015: LFDianne
Biggest Guy fan 2015: nataliafrs
Biggest Phil fan 2015: Christa42
Biggest Coldplay fan 2015: LFDianne
'Bakery' Award: Best Coldplay fan moment of 2015: Saket (meeting with the band in India)
Best thread of 2015 - Coldplay section: The Ultimate Oldplayers' Music Thread

Ambassador awards:

Northern & Western Europe Ambassador 2015: atlas2000
Eastern & Southern Europe Ambassador 2015: diogo_sg
Asian Ambassador 2015: grids
North American Ambassador 2015: A Rush of Magic
Mexican & Central American Ambassador 2015: alisbe
South American Ambassador 2015: Lore
African Ambassador 2015: alisbe
Oceania Ambassador 2015: gentleparachute


Most interesting poster 2015: jc90
Friendliest user 2015: gentleparachute
Funniest poster 2015: Batman
Biggest spammer 2015: I ran away
Sexiest user 2015: Batman
Biggest Coldplaying perv 2015: Batman
Best thread of 2015 - General Discussion Area section: [PrayForParis] A short text by a French (by Joueur Froid)
Best newcomer to 2015: Spraycan Soul
Best staff member 2015: Batman
Most likely to scare Coldplay and Marc into an early retirement 2015: Batman
Missing in action 2015: Jonny and the cake


Best signature 2015: jc90
Best avatar 2015: Batman

World Of Music/entertainment (*Coldplay excluded from this section):

Best album of 2015*: Noel Gallagher - Chasing Yesterday
Best song of 2015*: Loud Places by Jamie xx feat. Romy
Best artist/group 2015*: Ed Sheeran
Best artist/group newcomer 2015: Jamie xx
Best live act 2015*: U2
Best movie 2015*: Star Wars: The Force Awakens
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