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  • Hi :D
    And sorry to have to ask.... :P
    but yes, I am whoring myself out for votes :lol: I got nominated for Best Guy Fan 2009 and I would LOVE to win!
    Right now we are just campaigning for votes and the actual voting starts I believe next week, I'll remind when that is.
    But if you truly think I am a good candidate then please vote :D http://www.coldplaying.com/forum/showthread.php?t=61761

    And if not, then that's OK, just wanted to get the word out there.
    It would mean a lot to me,
    Thanks a lot!

    Hi Collee!

    That was me on the floor right next to Guys ramp! Im so Happy you got to see it! Thanks for looking out for my sign! If theres ever another Coldplay concert at the Garden you can expect to see me there with my sign (as long as it lasts) Its my goal to bring it to every Coldplay concert i go to! Thanks so much!

    I know! And I know exactly how you feel about telling someone...if I could just get ANYONE in my real life to give a shit about Coldplay I'd be thrilled...

    YAY! I'm so happy for you!! I wish they'd added an additional date down here....Atlanta on the 5th means they'll play there and then go back to Atlanta on the 11th or something...thats kind of strange but cool if you're in the ATL area...
    alright....its up to you tonight to get the chris and jonny love on film!!! may the perv force be with you!!!
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