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  • TV & Radio sounds interesting. :braces: So what do you like doing in your free time?
    Pretty good. I'm quite busy most of the time, but right now I'm not doing anything. I have a bunch of additional math and physics classes every now and then. I love math and physics so much.

    How's your life outside Coldplaying?

    I'm learning that right now. It's really fun to play. :heart:

    I can only do the right hand though. Playing the chords with the left hand is like :dizzy: It's so damn foncusing!!

    BUT I WILL PREVAIL DAMN IT. I am determined.
    Hahaha, you should definitely learn to read like real muzak (Ever since I've learned music I've been a total stuck-up prick about people who don't want to learn it. I'm horribly sorry. Just people using guitar tabs and stuff bothers me because learning music was such a bitch for me, sniffsniff, and they can use tabs to basically play whatever pop song they want. It hurts.)
    It's really easy though :embarassed: It's so simple.

    GAH Butterflies and Hurricanes is like... impossible. I know better than to even try :p I don't know how that man does it... O_O

    I started taking lessons and stuff a while ago, too, they're pretty helpful. I was sort of not learning for a while and then my teacher gave me some really hideously boring exercises that are nonetheless very helpful.
    I totally go that reference. Flight of the Conchords is love. :love::love::love:

    I'm in high school, it's really boring because I don't learn. And I'm on a swim team, which I like most days, but other days it seems to take up a huge chunk of the day that I could spend doing something I'd really honestly rather do. I don't know. Maybe I should quit. Sort of stressful because I keep going back and forth between wanting to quit and not. :shifty:

    That's really my life situation. I'm trying to learn piano but to be honest it is not going very well. It sounds nasty.

    But I CAN play a Bach prelude damn it :angry:
    OOOH. Are you going to write TV shows? That would be awesome. Really. I would watch them if you did.

    Well, let's see. I don't murder people. Haven't done any raping lately. All in all I'm a good little girl :cheesy:
    I'm sorry. I think you are quite funny still. :( People who don't think you're funny have no taste in humor. If you are anything like being funny in life you would make a good funny person. :thumbsup:

    I've always wondered, what do you, you know... do? :p
    I am getting really tired of the types of people I think you are implying actually. Really tiresome.

    I tried to stop conversing with those nasty people but then one of them decided to attack me ([email protected]) and that is just NOT SOMETHING I STAND FOR. I do not stand for people being attacked for no reason at all. Particularly not me :angry:
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