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  • Haha jahoor, prima! Voeg maar toe; April Saporta. (Nummer geef ik liever prive haha). Haha niet erg, volgende keer! Jaa Malieveld was top! Keulen vorig en dit jaar blijven mijn favoriet haha. Ik vind de sfeer in Duitsland bij concerten leuker haha! Zie je dan wel verschijnen op de chat denk ik? Haha!
    Hi! Sorry, ik zie je berichtje nu pas.. Totaal niet creepy! Ik was helemaal vergeten dat wij ons gesproken hadden op Pinkpop! Ik herkende dat meisje wel nog! Had me even aangesproken, dan hadden we even gepraat haha! Gaaf, dat we hier we kunnen praten nu haha.
    Ik heb ze nu 6 keer gezien, en jij? Het was weer gaaf he?! Ik herken je idd wel nog van je foto, jullie vriendengroepje zat naast onze haha! xx.
    Hey! We're trending "9 days till Will's birthday" today on twitter at 9 PM London time. Please help us make it happen and spread the word. Thanks :D xoxo
    Hey KingChris, sorry zo brutaal te zijn, hahaha, maar heb je het Coldplay Scrapbook al? We'd like to know! :D
    Hello! No I don't think so, I just really wanted to do this episode:D I'm so excited about the tweets and the new album! I can't wait for a new single! Yeah but they did get some publicity around the Crisis gigs and Christmas Lights period. That's so cool you're going to see them! Which gig is it? No I'm not as all the festival dates are way too far from me. :(
    Active lurker, ftw! :D Oh, thank you so much for taking the time to say that, it means a lot :) I have been playing with the idea to send it to Debs but I don't know... We'll see. See you in Arras, indeed! :D Can't wait!
    Ja, ik moet wel van ver komen, namelijk 4 uur in de trein. Maar dat heb ik er graag voor over. Waarschijnlijk in een hotel in Maastricht.
    Okey dokey!

    Yeah I kinda figured these were the sort of bands you usually listened to. I personally don't like Muse, hardly know Oasis but I really enjoy some Snow Patrol songs :nice:.

    Thanks! I quite liked that song. :)
    Beetje late reactie, maar leuk dat je Sigur Rós leuk vindt! De film Heima en de albums Takk en Ágætis Byrjun zijn echte aanraders om mee te beginnen, maar sla vooral ( ) niet over als je meer gaat luisteren. :nice:

    En die reactie over mijn naam krijg ik wel vaker, vreemd genoeg alleen van Nederlanders en Belgen. :tongue:
    You're very welcome ! It was such a pleasure for me to do this Mixtape so I'm really glad that you liked it and that I managed to introduce you to some new musical genres :blush:. Feel free to ask me any questions, if you have some lol! What bands did you checked (I'm very curious)?
    So, what are your favourite bands (apart from Coldplay and Radiohead :p) by the way?
    MK Ultra is very good indeed :nice:
    Take A Bow, no way :stunned: You are luckyy!
    Yep, yep, I know I'm lucky, hehe :awesome: I want to see Coldplay at Wembley but I think I won't go there if they play there on their next tour. They should come to Finland, they've never been here. But I think that if they don't come here, I'll travel to Sweden to see them 'cause I'm sure they'll go there. But I'm not that big fan of Coldplay anymore that I would go to Wembley to see them :p
    They didn't play MK Ultra here :sad:
    Haha, that reminds me my first Muse concert at 22nd October 2009 when they played Cave and Unintended, Matt said like: "Now we're going to play something from our first album." :heart:

    Yep, Wembley is calling me, both nights actually. I skipped my school etc just to get those tickets :wacky: And I did get them and I'm happy :dance:
    They played Bliss last night :bomb: I can't even describe how I felt when Matt said something like: "the next song's called Bliss". Everyone went nuts :awesome:
    Ah, pure love. :heart:
    But they didn't play Citizen Erased. They'd better play it at Wembley, I wanna hear it live.
    I believe that. Citizen Erased means so much to me, I'd kill to hear it live. Yeah, they are coming here, yey. And I'm going, of course. Ah, can't wait. :heart:
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