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  • Indeed I was. As I keep repeating: Front fucking row + Life Is For Living live + Smile and wave by Chris + Being on Coldplay.com = Perfection ♥

    OUT OF THIS WORLD experience. :heart:.
    I think most of the actual songs are finished, now the guys are just polishing them up a bit and trying to work out a final tracklisting--which will be hard because apparently they still have around 50 songs that have some potential.
    puuuh ich tu mir da irgendwie etwas schwer. alle songs haben der eine mehr der andere weniger sythisizer drin. bei PoC ist einfach auch ein gigantischer bass drin der stärkste von allen. major minus ist etwas schneller hat dafür weniger tiefe. und charlie brown erinnert mich an U2.
    also ich würd mir die live mitschnitte einfach anhören die sind schon in guter qualität.
    ich muss die entscheidung zu warten ja zum glück nicht mehr treffen^^
    Tja für Rock Am Ring gab s auch keine Tageskarten so wie in Nürnberg. Ich hab z.B. 77,50.- bezahlt nur für Freitag eben, statt 165.-...^^
    Princess Of China war einfach sooooooo genial als der song plötzlich am rollen war - uuunglaublich! Ich hoffe der ist auf dem Album dabei und das scheint wirklich erst im Herbst zu kommen.. Schwer zu sagen aber ob einer der Songs so einen Fame bekommen wird. Ich würde mal nein sagen aber frag mich nicht warum denn mir gefällt das was sie da gespielt haben.
    Aber die neue Single hast du dir angehört?
    I like all of the new songs, but I don't think we've seen the best of them yet. I'm betting that we'll see 1-2 songs on LP5 that are better. :)
    :nice: Ja^^

    Warst du in Nürnberg oder in Nürburg??

    Wow also die neuen Songs haben mich ganz schön mitgerissen, vorallem Princess Of China! Was ein gigantischer Sound!!!!! Mit vollem Bass und wie soll ich sagen, der Song hat einfach Flow!

    Wie hat s dir so gefallen? :)
    I think is a mix , possibly they keep awesome things for lp5 ! This is just part of it.

    Strongly recommend you to listen to them,maybe lp5 takes 3 months to be released,plus Its more fun
    I think we'll see a couple more new songs performed but I forgot to mention that my favourite new song is Major Minus. I think that may be one of the best songs Coldplay have written ever. I doubt they've picked these songs to perform live because they are the best. I wouldn't be surprised if there's just as good (if not better) songs yet to be heard but are either more difficult to perform live or they are haven't been fully completed yet.
    Hi hows it going?

    I'm not a fan of Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall and I can't see that becoming a big hit like Viva, Clocks or Yellow. I think the songs Charlie Brown and Hurts Like Heaven though could be very big hits and stapled to the setlist for years to come. I think they've got some massive songs though from their upcoming album.
    I forgot tell you,they fit perfectly with stadiums and festivals.
    Happy tunes Hlh Etiaw and Charlie brown
    A bit darker but with awesome guitars major minus
    And us against the world is like an acoustic slow tune.

    Jonny is awesome in this new era,and the live experience is even better and bigger so far.

    Don't understand how can you wait until the album instead of listen to them!!
    Maybe the album takes like 3 months :lol:
    And you are gonna miss all this previous chapter,and Glastonbury ,etc.

    I did like most songs.
    EtIAW is already doing great on ITunes worldwide.
    Don't know if the new songs are gonna be as big as the others,bit I can assure this new album is gonna be awesome,and this new live shows are fantastic!

    Loved Charlie brown and hurts like heaven!
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