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Recent content by nb97

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    The Butterfly Package - AHFOD Live Album/Movie

    Can somebody PM-me and send the link of 1080p and 5.1 version of Sao paolo concert?
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    AHFOD Film - Prime Account

    Whoever has the download link, please PM me :D 1080p version would be great
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    A Rush of Blood to the Head: hurt and heal

    Politik [24] In My Place [9] The Scientist [5] Clocks [15] Warning Sign [5] AROBTTH [26]
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    A Head Full of Dreams: hurt and heal

    A Head Full of Dreams [23] Birds [30] Hymn for the Weekend [17] Everglow [23] Adventure of a Lifetime [18] Fun (feat. Tove Lo) [4] {-2} Army of One [16] {+1} Amazing Day [22] Up&Up [20]
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    Parachutes: hurt and heal

    Don't Panic [30] Shiver [19] Spies [14] Sparks [26] Yellow [21] [+1] Trouble [22] Parachutes [10] We Never Change [7] [-2] Life is for living [14]
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    X & Y: hurt and heal

    Square One [22] What If [7] White Shadows [17] Fix You [20] Talk [24] X&Y [2] Speed Of Sound [21] A Message [21] Low [22] The Hardest Part [21] Swallowed in the Sea [19] [+1] Twisted Logic [12] [-2]
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    ===The Ultimate Coldplaying Thread===S, BS, BR, P, AROBTTH, X&Y, VLV, PM, MX, GS, AHFOD===

    I have lost the link of the site that has a lot of downloadable stuff from Coldplay. Can anyone send it to me? It's like a forum. It has some black and white skin. Please. Can't remember the name.
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    Coldplay vs Others

    Hymn For The Weekend vs Get Lucky (Daft Punk)
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    LP7- "A Head Full Of Dreams"

    I see so much hate for the whole era
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    Ghost Stories by the numbers

    Last.fm #1 Magic #2 ASFOS
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    Most played Ghost Stories songs!

    Magic 100 Midnight 62 A Sky Full of Stars 53 Ink 42 Always in My Head 35 True Love 34 O 33 Another's Arms 30 Oceans 24 All Your Friends 18 Ghost Story 17 O (Part 2/Reprise) 16
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    The 'Is It On Your iPod?' Game: ARTIST VERSION!

    No RHCP?
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    Why Cant I RIP?

    Rip it with iTunes... Put your CD on, than iTunes will ask you if you want to add songs to your libary. Say Yes (or something) than wait for about 5 minutes. iTunes saved all the songs on you computer (on mine computer: local disc (D:)/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Music/Ghost Stories) That's...