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  • About the video - the music is Coldplay's Paradise, the plot is the one from Paradise, but it is about Bigfoot escaping - and Bigfoot is not using a unicycle (HAHA, this part made me laugh very much).

    See for yourself.

    From Coldplay's twitter:

    Bigfoot in Paradise. They've mimicked the pull focuses and everything! youtube.com/watch?v=LCVZw7ul5GI PH
    9:42 AM


    Coldplay - Paradise [Parody] - YouTube
    Hi Pete,
    I sent you a PM a few days ago (when you wrote that I had not responded to your latest email - now I have). Please read and respond.
    Have you seen the new alternative Paradise video with Bigfoot. That one really made me laugh (Bigfoot does not use a unicycle, HAHA)
    Hi Pete,
    Thanks for your quick response. It was new to me that you have also studied economics and politics.
    Yes, I received a mail the other day, and it was read with great interest (as always). I will send you an email very soon (not later than tomorrow, I think).
    Ahh that's cool! Is your musician friend a famous musician, like in a band or something?
    I forgot Princess of China. That is very nice as well.

    I had it on my mind for 2 days - then I got a little tired of it. But I really like the duet.
    Hi Pete,
    Thanks for your VM.
    I quite like the new album. I have fallen for Hopeful Transmission and Don't Let It Break Your Heart and all the songs starting with U. And I am enthusiastic about the Paradise video - the elephant breaking free, leaving London Zoo and managing to get home to Africa to be reunited with other elephants. It reminds me of adopted people being reunited with their biological relatives. I cannot help getting tears in my eyes each time - and the elephant's reunion with the other elephants triggers the same feelings.
    I am fine and hope to hear from you very soon.
    Best wishes NANCY
    Ahhh you gotta come to Quebec, but Vancouver is a must see. I love my country. Funny enough, I'm going to London in March. Can't wait.
    Awww thank you very much dear Coldplayer ! :)
    Quebec is doing fine hehe just like me! How are you ?
    Hi Pete,
    I have had a funny day.
    for once I participated in BINGO and won the first prize - 2 bottles of red wine, 1 bottle of white wine, 1 bottle of rosé wine, 1 bottle of rosé, chocolate, salami with garlic and more plus 1 gift card worth DKK 300 for purchase of meat!

    I usually never win anything, so quite funny!

    A friend of mine and me - we just came back from a wonderful dinner (accompanied by 1 glass of red wine) at a newly opened restaurant. Now my friend has gone back home. So I have had a good day.

    I have also bought tickets for BINGO tomorrow and Friday.

    Yesterday I was at an interview that went well - it is for a job (only 15 hours per months) accompanying a disabled person suffering from schlerosis and using an oxygen apparatus out of her apartment for cultural activities and to dentist / doctor. I will visit that person sometime next week.
    :hug: Oh, what a delight, I feel a little better now just by hearing from you. :heart: Worry not for I am sitting tight and waiting patiently for you. :angel:

    So Joey wants me to tell you that you haven't responded to his email yet, and he's still waiting for that response and he says 'I miss my England buddy'. :nice:

    Don't worry, I sort of answered for you, telling him that you haven't responded to my mail either, which you apologised for in your VM. :p

    But that's unfair! How come you get to have your own smiley now??? :elephant: Have you been talking to the boys? Are you to blame for the Elephant costume on Paradise video? :whip:

    I miss you terribly my dear Pedro, last day of the semester for Uni today, let's sort things out so we could chat, if that's okay with you. :smug:

    Iosh x
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