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  • Hello, it's SO nice to hear from you!!! I am SO glad to hear that the package got there safely and that you enjoyed it :D!!! Wow, I am so intrigued that you have chosen to study English -- because (if I can tell you a secret :p!) I just started college this fall and hope to graduate with certification in French!!! How fascinating :p!!! I love the Coldplaying Secret Santa because it allows two people from so far away to get in contact for the beautiful season of Christmas! The package comes from my whole family (my two little brothers absolutely love helping pick out gifts to send far away) and from a few of my friends from college in Washington, DC! Haha I'm so glad that you enjoyed it, it warms my heart to know! Yes, I have finally returned to Long Island and it is LOVELY to be home at last :D! To be back in the place where I grew up, where I know the names of the streets, it is just unimaginable :)! I hope you have a beautiful Christmas with your friends and family!

    Hi there,

    Just a reminder to all Secret Santa's that if you haven't sent your card yet, could you please do so as soon as possible? It's that time of year where the post slows down.

    If your card isn't on the way yet, please try to send it via Airmail as soon as possible. Please let your elf know as soon as it has been posted.

    If you have any problems, get in touch. Don't leave your match without a card!


    Hello :)
    Alors, ce concert de Jami à Bercy?? C'était comment?
    Comme tu sais ça a été annulé à Lyon... T'as bien fait de pas venir dis donc! Enfin j'ai pas été trop déçue puisqu'au final j'aurais pas pu y aller, je comptais lâcher ma place à un ami. Bref, je me suis fait rembourser donc ça va. Il vient à Vienne, pas trop loin de Lyon donc, mais je pense pas pouvoir y aller. On verra s'il reporte la date dans l'année...
    Bref! Sinon j'espère que tout va bien de ton côté!
    Oui moi aussi j'ai hâte! C'est dommage que tu ne viennes pas à Lyon, j'aurais adoré t'y voir :/ mais je comprends pour la Halle... Moi non plus j'aime pas trop, quoique le son était énorme pour les 2 derniers concerts que j'y ai fait (Arcade Fire en novembre et Gossip en décembre).
    J'aurais adoré faire Paris!! D'autant plus que c'est complet apparemment, ambiance de folie héhé! Bref, j'espère qu'on se recroisera bientôt en tout cas :) Et t'inquiète, je te ferai un compte rendu du concert ;)
    Salut Clem!
    Oui, je sais, je suis un boulet... Je voulais te contacter depuis le concert de Jamiroquai à Nîmes mais j'ai été pas mal prise, je venais plus trop trop sur le forum et puis, comme je l'ai déjà dit, je suis un boulet... :shame:
    C'est le concert qui approche à grands pas qui m'a refait penser à toi :D
    Tu seras là à Lyon pour Jay? Moi j'y serai en tout cas, j'ai même réussi à engrener quelques potes! J'aurais aimé faire Paris mais c'est techniquement pas possible, dommage. J'espère vraiment qu'on aura l'occasion de se recroiser!
    Bon sinon j'espère que tout va bien depuis le temps de ton côté :nice:
    oh, i see :nice:
    hahaha, 'i miss you idiot' would be something like 'sinto sua falta idiota" :lol:
    wow, that's abolutely great! i considered for a while the possibility of taking portuguese & literature at uni... do you want to be a teacher? don't worry, you'll get a job soon :hug:
    indeed i'm between law & social studies... :\ oh yeah, i know, you need to read a lot and such, but you know what... everything is difficult :lol: if you want to be a good professional you must study hard & do your best, whatever you're studying... it's not easy :p
    i still have a few months to decide... i don't know what i'm gonna do :lol:
    oh, i think i'm gonna start taking french classes next week :)
    oh sweetie, you're welcome :hug: thanks for accepting it! i see... but where did you live before toulouse? to show me some pictures? it sounds amazing! so it's a sunny city? i always thought it was cold :thinking: i don't know why :lol: you can ask me anything that you want to know in portuguese :nice: oh yeah, this is my last year at high school & i wanna take law at university... what about you?
    Toulouse? :surprised: that's amazing, what a wonderful city! hahaha, i search for it & i've seen some pictures... it's such a lovely place :heart: i'm in love with it! aww that's adorable, i can teach you portuguese anytime too... if you're interested :p i'm going to send you a friend request :hug:
    i live in minas gerais state :nice: what about you? are you from paris? :surprised: oh well, french is not that difficult to us brazilians cause portuguese and french come from the same language family... i read that in 4 year a brazilian can get fluency in french... but actually it depends on the person, sounds confusing to me! :lol: hahaha, french is cooler than portuguese :p
    awh, thanks a lot, you're sweet :hug: come to brazil anytime too :) so i can give you lots of bracelets from all the colors :hug: i wish i could speak french! :laugh3: hahahaha, it's beautiful :heart:
    Of course! PM your email to me and I'll send you the song today! It's very beautiful, sounds a lot like your track 6, you're gonna love it :wacky:
    So so so beautiful, I can't believe I never heard this song before! I have Where is my boy, the other collaboration with Faultline, and that is amazing too. But WHOA this track 6! I can't get over how beautiful his voice is in it. Thanks so much for putting it in your mix!
    aww that's sweet :hug: she's awesome, the music you put in your mixtape is one of my favorites! have fun there, her concert might be great! you've already seen kings of convenience live too! :stunned: that's adorable. i wanna see these artists live one day... :) I'm Anita from Brazil, nice to meet you Clem! :hug: i love france :heart: i've never been there, but it's kinda a dream that i have... i want to visit there someday :nice:
    Hi there!
    Thanks! I can't take credit for my signature, though. The lovely Bianca (TickingClock) made it for me. :nice: So, unfortunately, I don't have that picture saved in its original form. You could ask her, though, or check the Chris pics thread... it pops up pretty often there- or you can ask any of the sweet girls there if they can post it for you! :)

    I'm Jen, btw. Nice to meet you! And that's so great you get to see the Swell Season! You'll love them! Talk to you later!
    No probs, I am gonna upload it tomorrow. Got to go to bed, its midnight here.... Hope you like ma mixtape too! :) Talk soon
    Je suis geniale! et toi? :kiss:

    okay ::D

    Canada, I don't know how to describe it :wacky:

    Because we have so many different regions and how they look.
    I live in Canada :D
    And have been for a few years, but I'm actually learning this year.
    Yeah, The Frames :D And I've been meaning to check out The Swell Season for a while :D
    hmmmm :thinking:
    Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks
    is one to listen to :D
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