1. Padrós Rios

    When is this pic from?

    I'm not sure when this is from, and because I've watched many Mylo Xyloto gigs online, I can say that this guitar was never (or hardly ever) used. Is this from Mylo era, pre-Mylo (2010 maybe) or VLV era? I could have been painted by Vicky Taylor perhaps... Any ideas?
  2. S

    Leonard Cohen's influence on Chris Martin (Goodbye and Goodnight)

    So I recently watched a video of Chris Martin performing the song "Suzanne" by Leonard Cohen and couldn't help but notice the similarities between that song and the unreleased "Goodbye and Goodnight"! The lyrics even have some similar elements, with very similar song progression too! What do...
  3. msimo4

    Small white 42 shirt from Viva era!

    New member here, this website is a bit confusing so sorry if I make some mistakes. Basically I've been looking for a while online and I also tried the subreddit with no luck. I've been trying to find this incredible white 42 t-shirt in a small size, which was sold during the Viva tour, after...