2010 - 2019: A Decade With Coldplay

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Apr 10, 2015
Hi everyone, since we're fast approaching the end of a freaking DECADE (where did all those years go :sob:) I thought I'd open this thread. Post your personal stories of how your decade with Coldplay has been. How old were you at the beginning ? Did you know Coldplay yet or discovered them in this decade ? How have you grown over the years, and has being a Coldplay fan helped you in doing so or influenced your life for the better ? How has the decade on been on Coldplaying, do you have any particular memories or can share how the forums have changed over time ? What did the different eras give you/feel like to you ?

I also plan to post a lengthy review here on my years with Coldplay (spoiler: being a Coldplay fan has made me grow in so many ways !) but I won't get round to it until maybe in a few weeks, am so busy right now and haven't even gotten round to replying to the EL and depression thread yet).

Looking forward to hearing your stories ! :heart:

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Dec 11, 2017
<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr"><a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/MyDecadeWithColdplay?src=hash&amp;ref_src=twsrc^tfw">#MyDecadeWithColdplay</a> began when MYLOXYLOTO was released and boy it changed my mind about the band. I used to think they were depressing and boring when I was younger but ever since that album I’ve really become a huge fan. <br><br>1/2</p>&mdash; The Jordanator ☀ (@jordanatorNZ) <a href="View: https://twitter.com/jordanatorNZ/status/1203783096824262657?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw
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Aug 10, 2017
I'll try not to make this too long:
2010: I think I had a vague idea of who they were but I'm not even 100% sure. I know I'd heard a lot of the older music when I was really young since it all sounded familiar when I finally listened to it, but I didn't know it was by them at the time. I think I knew the title Viva la Vida and how it went but I didn't put them together in my head. I was only 9/10 years old, so I was just starting to get into listening to music on my own. I didn't have an iPod, but I had a portable radio I'd listen to every top 40 type song at the time on. And that's how I began to discover them...
2011: I remember endlessly refreshing the page for the top 30 countdown of my local radio show (regretful preteen decisions) and one day I saw Paradise by Coldplay. I was excited to hear it since I'd heard of Coldplay, but I didn't really know any of their songs. They just seemed like a band I wanted to know, like something the older kids would talk about when I was little. However, when it finally came on the radio I didn't like it much honestly. I made up my mind that I didn't really like Coldplay (yes, after hearing one song haha) and didn't give them much thought until 2014.
2012-13: Nothing honestly. I remember someone joking about singing Coldplay in church or something.
2014: This is was the year I finished middle school, and we had a class trip at the end of the year. My bus was the only lucky one that let us do karaoke with the microphone on the way back. Two guys sang Viva la Vida and I remember everyone cheering. I didn't really know the song and felt like an idiot, but when they started singing I immediately remembered and realized how much I loved it. I can't imagine what would have happened if I had been on a different bus...anyway, I started high school that fall and they gave us iPads to use for schoolwork. My friends were all talking about how you could get Spotify on the iPads, which I didn't have before. When I made an account, I asked for a song recommendation and my friend suggested ASFOS, which was pretty new at the time. I really liked it and listened to a little more of Ghost Stories, but they didn't immediately become my favorite band.
2015: I started listening to more of the old hits, and I still remember my shock at rehearing my childhood with songs like Fix You and Clocks (I even swear I heard Talk before). But the first song I really obsessed over was Princess of China. I remember staying up all night listening to it over and over. I even made a shirt with the lyrics "you stole my star" on it (regretful fourteen year old decisions). By the time AFHOD came out, I definitely was a casual fan of Coldplay. I liked the new songs more than I do now, but they didn't blow me away. I remember watching the music video for AOAL and being confused by all the negative comments about how bad it was since I didn't know the older music well enough to compare.
2016: One day in February my friend changed my life forever when he impulsively asked me if I wanted to see Coldplay with him when they came to Massachusetts in July. I had never even been to a concert before and it was so hard to wait for. I was so excited when my parents said I could go without an adult:D. I remember listening to the album over and over and just wishing it could be July. Let's just say that concert didn't disappoint. It made every smaller concert I've been to since hard to take seriously. I literally felt like I went to another world or something. Naturally I had to listen to every Coldplay song after that August. I'll never forget the first time I watched Politik from Live 2003. I couldn't believe it was real. I remember watching it over and over while walking to the summer camp I volunteered at and using up all my data. The week after that, I interned in a lab and I had a lot of time reading documents by myself, so I decided to listen to all the albums. I made a playlist ranking every song when I was done and started thinking Chris seemed like the most genuine celebrity ever.
2017: My obsession had gone down a little by the spring, but my friend and I decided to see Coldplay again when they came back in summer 2017. That and the Kaleidoscope EP coming back made me get back into it fast. I started listening to the B sides I never got to, some of which I wished they'd put on the albums, and watching interviews to learn about the members besides Chris. I became especially obsessed with Guy, but I was struck by what truly great people they all seemed to be. Seeing them the second time around was just as good but it was more sad since I didn't know when they'd come back. My friend and I also had to leave early since he drove us this time and our state has this law that you can't drive after 12:30 AM or something as a minor: unamused:. And this time after the concert, my obsession didn't really go away. I joined the forums after seeing it various times when searching for information about Coldplay, and I never stopped posting or checking it. I remember crying on the last night of the tour, not knowing what I was going to do with my life or where I'd be in a year (since it was my last year of high school), and I felt like their career was growing up right with me, since they took off in like the same month I was born when Parachutes came out. I even made a fan account on Instagram for a while, and I got to know some great people there as well as here since most of my friends in real life were casual fans at the absolute best.
2018: I remember seeing the forums get quieter and it was a little sad, but it was still fun going on occasionally and doing things like Coldplaying Listening Parties and the elimination games. I also remember when the old really long War of the Coldplay songs thread got deleted... anyway, I won't talk about the forums that much since I haven't been here that long compared to a lot of people. I stopped using my fan account when I went to college, but I still eagerly waited for them to release something new. Honestly I was pretty pessimistic that they'd ever do anything again. I liked their older music better before, but I started liking their newer music less, which was kind of sad, but I think I was growing up more and discovering different types of music in general. It was just strange that the songs that got me into the band like ASFOS and POC didn't end up being my favorite songs. I remember being very confused by Los Unidades (what happened to that anyway?) and blown away by the documentary. I think I've seen it like five times now...
2019: I was so excited when Guy made an Instagram! So many of the songs he chose for Synchro Sunday defined my spring in so many ways. Being pessimistic, I was shocked when the rumors were true and Everyday Life came out. I really do think it's the best thing they've released this decade-happened just in time. I'm so proud of them for making it and I wish they would tour it more in a way, but I like that they are environmentally conscious and it's been really fun following this era in a way I never did before. I've had trouble keeping up at times-I don't know how any of you guys kept up with past eras if this is the most lowkey one!
Anyway, I completely failed at making this short as usual (especially considering I was barely aware of them for half of the decade) but I'm just so lucky for all of the random accidents that made me a Coldplay fan. I feel like their music is just something that I need in a way no other music is, even if not all the other music I listen to is similar. At times, it does make me sad and nostalgic that I'm not older and able to listen to the older songs in their prime, but I'm just lucky that I'm alive at all for this. A Coldplay album came out in my second year of middle school, high school and college, and I feel like each step of my growing up has connected to a different Coldplay era, recently and even in the past I barely remember. Who knows what will be next. Thank you if you actually read all of this! I really like this idea of reflecting on the 2010s with Coldplay.


Mar 3, 2014
TLDR: My decade really starts with becoming obsessed with Coldplay and now I'm ending the decade still a huge fan and with newfound appreciate for the band.

At the start of 2010, I was really thankful for Coldplay and Viva La Vida launching my taste in music towards indie and alternative music. By 2011, I was full on obsessed and MX came at the "coming of age" time in my life. I had a crappy little volvo, I was a senior in high school with a lot of friends and activities and newfound freedom, and I started dating my current girlfriend. I'd blast HLH and DLIBYH out the window cruising around to see friends and to go to my summer jobs. Very much a rosy time and the music fit it perfectly.

By 2014, my girlfriend and I were doing long distance for college and I'd been suffering from depression trying to figure out what to do with my life. I remember listening to Magic for the first time in Marseilles in a sketchy AirBnB while visiting her with literally $400 in my bank account. The whole GS era really was a good coping mechanism at the time. A lot of time with headphones in not talking to anybody.

By 2015-2017, I was wrapping up college and having a bit more fun in life. The music felt energetic and fun, and I finally got to see Coldplay in 2016 in Salt Lake with my sister. We drove 7 hours, spent a paycheck for tickets, and slept in the back of the car before heading back home. I also started finding new appreciation for modern pop music at this time, and Kaleidiscope EP felt like an exciting venture into what Coldplay could do in the future with pop and rock fusion.

Now in 2019, I'm working full time for a non-profit, living with my girlfriend, and am very much "adulting." I'm also a bit scared about the future: Climate change, the rise of popular nationalism, inequality, internet anger. Everyday Life has a maturity and softness to it that really resonates with me at the moment, and brings me back to the reasons I fell in love with Coldplay in the first place.

Has this decade had my favorite music? Definitely not. But just like my fast-changing life, the music also changed and certainly was Coldplay's most diverse and surprising. Naturally, your love and fandom can fade over time as more music comes out and your taste changes, but I'm honestly shocked I've stuck with coldplay and been this consistent a fan.


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Dec 25, 2018
I'm a little bit embarrassed to tell my story since I haven't known the band for as long as you guys. That doesn't make me any less of a fan though.

I have very specific details of the first time I listened to Coldplay, because I wrote about it in my diary.

On Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017, I heard Viva La Vida for the first time at around 2:45 PM. It was a cool autumn day, and the leaves were just starting to change color and fall. Prior to this, my only experience with Coldplay was when one of my classmates would always repeat the words, "When you try your best but you don't succeed." because Fix You was a meme at the time.

I had no idea that one day would change my life forever. That one moment caused me to dedicate my life to this band. My teacher played a four minute video that ultimately ended up causing me to spend over a thousand hours listening to Coldplay on Spotify alone this year.

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e90cubV6dEY

Sometimes I wonder who made this video, and I wish I could tell them how much it means to me. It's terrifying to think about how different my life would be without it. This video was put into my life for a purpose. I refuse to believe that this was all just a coincidence. Every day, I feel truly blessed that this video exists. I was miserable without Coldplay, and they really changed my life.

I knew this song was much different then the American music I was used to hearing, but I didn't know why. All I knew was that it sounded good and I liked it. I didn't realize that Coldplay was British until much later on. For a while, I was truly convinced that a British country would be the right place for me to live, before I ultimately decided on another continent.

At the end of the video, the song name was displayed. On my way home, I repeated the words, "Viva La Vida. Viva La Vida." Inside my head, over and over again. I'd only heard the song once, and already knew it was my favorite. I loved it from the start, but the part that really blew my mind is when Will sang the Viva chant. Without his singing, I probably wouldn't be on this forum talking to you guys.

I listened to the song using my half broken earbuds with terrible sound quality. I wasn't much of a music fan back then. All I could do was smile like an idiot as I listened to that song five times in a row. Even with my crappy headphones turned all the way down, the song still felt too loud because of how unfamiliar Coldplay was to me.

On May 20th, 2018, I thought to myself, "I wonder if there's any songs in the world as good as Viva La Vida?" Up until that point, I'd been listening to that song three times a day, almost every day. The second Coldplay song I ever listened to was Paradise, followed by The Scientist, then Fix You, and Violet Hill. I used to be very shy about my love for Coldplay, and I kept it a secret. A few days after I started listening to Coldplay, I felt so filled with love for them that I wanted to write "Coldplay" on every surface possible. But I didn't. I drew an elephant and taped it to the wall, where it still is today with all my Coldplay posters.

I remember going to the library and seeing a librarian giving out trivia questions. One of them read, "Which band was the first band in the world to perform on all seven continents?" and one of the options was Coldplay. I remember thinking to myself, "Hey, I bet my future self would find this Coldplay reference interesting if she ever ends up becoming a big Coldplay fan." Long story short, I do.

At around June, I was staying at a hotel and needed my daily Coldplay fix. I remember being so shy about them that I was embarrassed that all the people in the other rooms would hear me listen to them on my garbage headphones even if I played the music really quietly. I really loved listening to Politik at the time, but I'd mute my phone at all the loud parts. It's a little bit irritating to think about that, because I'd love to hear it for the first time again and learn all the lyrics.

In July, I started to get into the Prospekt's March EP. I was a huge fan of Viva already, so I really loved this EP. My favorite part was at the end of Glass of Water when Chris said, "Oh what are we drinking when we're done? Glasses of water." I always used to think that it sounded like a catchy jingle from a water commercial.

In September and October, things started to decline. I started losing interest in Coldplay. Sometimes I'd force myself to go an entire day without listening to them to keep the music fresh.

November made me obsessed with the band when the AHFOD film was released. I thought Coldplay was over until that point. I became addicted to B-sides after that. You could imagine how mind blowing it must have been for me to learn about the fifth member of Coldplay and how the band formed and all these other cool things. I also got to see Jonny's ass for the first time that day

Things just kept getting better in December, and it seemed like they'd stay that way. I started listening to songs like For You and Careful Where You Stand. Back when I wasn't much of a fan, I just ignored those songs and thought, "Who listens to this crap?" I'd also been on these forums and decided to make an account on Christmas. I didn't really know how to use it, so it'd be months before I actually said anything.

In January, things got worse. I started becoming shy about Coldplay again and listened to a bunch of other songs that I wasn't really happy with. By the time the next month rolled around, I became absolutely addicted to Coldplay. I felt no shame at all about them anymore.

In March, Chris turned 42. In honor of him, I bought some red and blue gaffer's tape and started wearing it everywhere. My birthday came the day after his, and all I asked for was Coldplay stuff. Instead of having people sing happy birthday to me, I played Coldplay songs while I blew out the star shaped candles on my Coldplay cake. Back when I was little, I used to think it was the coolest thing ever that my birthday is the day after Dr. Seuss'. Now I just spend that day gushing over Chris.

On April 12th, I ended up becoming an Apparatjik fan on Guy's birthday. I'd never heard anybody talk about him singing before, so I was shocked when I listened to Electric Eye for the first time.

On May 20th, I celebrated the day I became a fan.

In the next few months, I just became more and more addicted to Coldplay. I started doing things like liking every video on the Coldplay YouTube channel and collecting all the Coldplay stuff possible.

On November 22nd, EL was released. I read every single message about EL on these forums and watched every interview. It was incredibly difficult to keep up with it all, and I starting losing a ton of sleep. I had trouble focusing on tasks because I was too busy thinking about Coldplay all the time.

On January 18th, I will be flying to LA for my first concert. The thought of seeing Jonny and Guy in real life makes me want to scream!

I can't wait to see what surprises the future holds!
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Dec 23, 2017
In short I would describe this decade of mine with Coldplay as fairly unpredictable and erratic.

In detail:
2010: Even if I do my best to recollect something concrete from that year I can't remember anything specific at all which I find really strange. I could have been aware of Coldplay then but even at the moment I'm not completely sure of that. However it's absolutely likely that I heard their songs on the radio or saw their videos on TV at that time. I suppose that it just didn't impress itself on my mind.

2011: At the end of the year I happened to hear Paradise. I was totally amazed and soon started listening to it on a loop so often that I became obsessed with it. Unfortunately I wasn't willing to cast about for their other songs so I basically got stuck.

2012: There was a period of time when I was knowingly playing live performances of Clocks and Speed Of Sound because funnily I found them superior to their respective studio version. Later I heard Charlie Brown which sounded less enjoyable than Paradise in my opinion. It didn't either blow my mind or put me off. Then on the other hand as soon as I finished watching and listening to Princess Of China I knew that this type of music wasn't truly my cup of tea. It simply killed my vibe. Thus I stopped listening to the band...

2013: That year was as the same as 2010. I assume that happened because I was so zealous in another musical genre that I was barely aware of what was going on outside it in the music industry. I also hardly ever turned on the radio. That's why I might have been so clueless.

2014: I can recall that I heard and saw the video for A Sky Full Of Stars. It didn't entrance me. It palled on me. That is my only encounter with Coldplay I can clearly remember from that year.

2015: Out of curiosity I played the Adventure Of A Lifetime music video when it was released. The clip weirded me out because it looked so odd to me. Moreover I also read news articles about the chart battle between Adele and Coldplay which was fun to follow. I wasn't fully interested in the band yet but I didn't mind them at all.

2016: I was aware of the fact that Coldplay headlined the Super Bowl halftime show. I believe that I saw their performance as well. However I was kind of surprised and confused when I stumbled upon and took a look at few tabloid articles which emerged after their appearance at the Super Bowl halftime show. Apparently all the fuss broke out because of the whole thing with the "Believe in love" message.

Afterwards I somehow found myself downloading some Coldplay albums and repeatedly listening to Daylight! I guess that at some point I was so keen on Clocks that I decided to obtain a copy of the whole parental album. I also used to play Warning Sign a lot because it managed to console me after I had been rejected by my crush... Nevertheless few weeks later I spent my money on the Coldplay 4CD Catalogue Set because it was a bargain in my eyes. I gladly listened to all their four first albums but my soul was not completely sold yet. Although I enjoyed few songs it wasn't still enough for me to become addicted to Coldplay. After few months I purchased a Mylo Xyloto CD. It didn't succeed in making me fall in love with the band either. Despite my rather unsuccessful attempts to get into Coldplay I started having a soft place for them.

2017: The other day I listened to Hypnotised when it popped up in my recommendation list on YouTube. At that time I found it really weak and run-of-the-mill. I was stunned when I learnt that Coldplay had collaborated with The Chainsmokers on Something Just Like This. I was a bit alarmed by that news but became reconciled with it later. My mind went from "What? How could Coldplay ever agree to work with The Chainsmokers?" to "Well I've heard that song playing so often in public that I got used to that. It's radio-friendly and passable." Around that time I bought Coldplay Live 2012. As soon as I collected the parcel I opened it and immediately inserted the disc in the DVD player. It felt very surreal to watch it. I was mindblown and breathless. It was so amazing just to see the recording of their performances... Then I was passing time on YouTube again when I noticed the band had released All I Can Think About You. Naturally I played it out of curiosity. Initially I was not amazed but I kept listening. Out of the blue the build-up came on and I was mesmerized! I instantly became fond of that song and knew that I was finally willing to follow the band as their fan! My perception of Coldplay completely changed. A week later I went to Britain on a trip but forgot to put Coldplay songs to my phone. It was frustrating but there was no solution for that. Funnily I bought the A Head Full Of Dreams album in Plymouth which totally made my day. After the tour when I came back home I was shocked to discover that I had visited Exeter and basically Devon where Chris Martin comes from. I was so invested in the band that I seriously started gathering Coldplay merchandise. Gradually I was adding more and more items to my assemblage. I began visiting CD shops as well because I was tempted to investigate whether there was any Coldplay stuff that I could potentially buy. Accordingly I ended up purchasing both Ghost Stories and Ghost Stories Live 2014 when I was on vacation in Germany... Around Christmas I was looking for more information about Coldplay because it wasn't enough for me just to read their Wikipedia page. By chance I came across these forums. I was excited by the idea of meeting new people with the same interest and discussing with them. Not to mention the multimedia section. That's why I did what I did and the rest is history.

2018: Coldplaying officially turned into my another common room. I got to know a number of amazing people with some of whom I became friends. It was truly entertaining and amusing to play various games and talk about when "Live 2017" would be released which ended up being The Butterfly Package in the end. The debate on the A Head Full Of Dreams film was smashing and tremendous as well. It was so wonderful and marvellous to see the forums a little bit more active again. Outside the Internet my relationship with Coldplay got more affectionate. I believe that a part of their soul was injected into my DNA. I started sticking to them and the other way round. Their music helped me a lot when I was in Vietnam to attend my grandfather's funeral. Thanks to the band I managed to get through it. Unfortunately I arrived back in the Czech Republic exactly on my birthday. Certainly not the best way how to spend it. But my friends asked me if it was possible to meet me when I reached my hometown as they wanted to give me the birthday gift. They gained my approval and we got together eventually that day. I received an adorable birthday card. When I opened it to read its content I absolutely lost it. I couldn't believe that they had bought me tickets for the A Head Full Of Dreams film screening in the local cinema and hidden it in the card. It was literally a dream come true! I was so over the moon... In return I asked them to accompany me with which they obliged. Difficult to grasp when I was planning to buy it and go there on my own at first... Afterwards my parents allowed me to buy a copy of Life in Technicolor: A Celebration of Coldplay and The Butterfly Package as my birthday and Christmas gift from them. It was totally incredible and splendid to add those articles to my growing collection. What a pleasant and delightful year it was after all!

2019: The first thing which comes to my mind when I think of that year is the fact that me and my partner opted for Paradise as a song to be played during our promenade at the graduation prom. It was so unbelievable and magnificent to hear it blaring out loud. Apart from that if I remember correctly there wasn't much stuff happening on the forums during the first half of the year. It became less active and frequented. In the meantime I lost touch with some of my cyber pals who I met on the forums and valued very much. Due to that I was heartbroken and emotionally destroyed. Never had I thought that breaking up with a friend albeit a virtual one would be so painful and miserable! It took an awful lot of time to pull myself together and get over such a mishap. Then it was challening for me to listen to Coldplay because few of their songs would remind me of those who I couldn't reach anymore. I assume that because of it I found out that there was something subtle about their music as it was able to make feel happy and sad simultaneously. Nonetheless the band made my summer holidays more bearable and pleasing with the power of their music because it was terribly tough and frustrating to do my best to achieve my few goals. Coldplay were there for me as well when I was moving to my university town. Their songs made me more self-confident and less petrified when I was trying to strengthen my position among my fellow students instead of turning into nobody.

During the second half of the year the forums progressively became more active and frequented much to my pleasure even though I expected Coldplay to return much later... Some of the rumors turned out to be true which was incredible and the anticipated comeback was under construction. Weeks later Everyday Life finally saw the light of the day and I lost it again. However it was not so effortless for me. I began struggling with the heavy traffic on Coldplaying though I had already experienced the liveliness of the similar merits before. I'm convinced that it took place because I was battling on two front lines at the same time. For unclear and obscure reasons I was fighting for my position in the society both outside and on the Net.

Amusingly I had a presentation about Coldplay for my English class in November 2019. The teacher let us choose whatever topic we wished because we were supposed to introduce ourselves somehow. Specifically I talked about my relationship with Coldplay. I was feeling a bit mortified about my speech because I basically exposed myself. I spoke about the importance and influence of the band on my life which was truly something to listen to I guess... I said something along these lines "From what I’ve seen so far they seem to be very down-to-earth humble generous and thoughtful. Actually when I was younger I quite lacked those qualities. That’s why I’ve chosen to admire and look up to them. I believe that Coldplay has made me a better person for which I’ll be forever grateful." Not to mention how their music affects me. When I finished the teacher asked me whether it was difficult for me to speak about such a sensitive topic. I answered that it was because I had thought that I would be crying in front of the class. She acknowledged that I'm an emotional boy...

Weeks later we had a Christmas lesson in our English class. The teacher had asked each of us to bring a neutral present because we would give it to one another. Before we began handing over the gifts she had announced that she was going to play a song on YouTube which I would surely like. I was wondering what she had meant by that because I couldn't think of anything concrete. I looked up at the projection screen and saw a thumbnail that made me even more bewildered. Yet I was clueless as I was more discomfited. Then I heard the first notes of that track and I was dazed. I had to look at the title of the clip to see if it was real. The teacher decided to play Christmas Lights! Believe me or not she absolutely made my day! She even played that twice because we didn't manage to give one another all the presents when the song ended for the first time. It was more impressive because it was my first time hearing Christmas Lights in one piece in winter that year. Who knows if that was a Christmas miracle?

In conclusion I believe that my decade with Coldplay could be truly considered unpredictable and erratic or even volatile.


May 17, 2008
Well this decade was certainly a lot less eventful for me than the previous one. My interest in the band peaked before VLV (hence why I joined the forum back then) and things didn't quite go the way I was hoping afterwards. As the band matured into the mega phenomena they are today my appreciation for great music also grew stronger and I felt distant from the band.

Nowadays my approach to them is a lot more laid back. I've long accepted they aren't going to be the next Pink Floyd or U2 and that's completely fine. A lost opportunity? Absolutely; but it's fine. Let's just accept them for who they are and enjoy what they have to offer.
I also plan to post a lengthy review here on my years with Coldplay (spoiler: being a Coldplay fan has made me grow in so many ways !) but I won't get round to it until maybe in a few weeks, am so busy right now and haven't even gotten round to replying to the EL and depression thread yet).

Looking forward to hearing your stories ! :heart:
I'm very much looking forward to that!