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    [9-Jul-2012] Coldplay @ Verizon Center, Washington, DC, USA

    Love it! Absolutely love it & wish we could see more great moments like this from the backline. Surely more "while the cats away, the mice will play" footage exists...
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    Oxfam America call for volunteers for all US dates!

    Hi Bob,  I applied for the 8-July show in Washington, DC a month or so ago, but unlike a few of the Coldplayers above, I didn't receive a confirmation email saying I'd hear back within a few weeks of the show, etc. Although my network acts rather spotty at times, I'm fairly certain my...
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    [8-Feb-2012] Coldplay @ Club Nokia, Los Angeles, CA, USA

    Thanks Dianne for once again bringing up "Eye of the Tiger" -- I JUST got it out of my head not three-four hours ago! I have such a love/hate thing with EOTT song too, so I need something else to invade my brain ASAP!
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    [8-Feb-2012] Coldplay @ Club Nokia, Los Angeles, CA, USA

    Jason, I was in giggles from seeing you & Dianne nonstop on my computer last night. The camera man loved y'all! Is this your number 1 then over Newcastle & Madrid?
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    [17-Oct-2011] Coldplay @ Ellen DeGeneres Show, Burbank, California, USA

    I'm a little late to the game here but this is my first chance getting to read the reviews from your marvelous adventures! I'm so happy the three of you (and about 63 others) saw the guys perform more than two songs -- it's just too bad I couldn't get a visual feed via your eyeballs since your...
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    Coldplay exclusive (Interview with Guy Berryman)

    What a nice surprise! Finally, we get a "Guy-centric" article to keep us busy while waiting for MX's official release next week! :dance: I really see this as a two part gift. First part, something for us to enjoy due to the utter lack of solo Guy interview material out there. :laugh3: The...
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    [18-Oct-2011] Coldplay @ Red Bull Sound Space, Los Angeles, USA

    I chatted by text w/ Dianne this am to to say hi & they hadn't gone in yet. Two seconds later, I see her on my computer monitor! :D
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    [18-Oct-2011] Coldplay @ Red Bull Sound Space, Los Angeles, USA

    While I'm sure it was a "chalk on the blackboard" moment for you :evil:, I'm actually REALLY happy that they did it this way. Why have an exclusive event filled with people who semi like Coldplay? I got stuck next to some radio contest winners at the ACL taping and it was a pretty miserable...
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    October 2011: Your One-Stop-Shop for Coldplay Info!

    Chelsea, thank you for being a) proactive, b) incredibly organized and c) generous for sharing this with this rest of us.  I created appointments for as many dates I could remember but inevitably I left off a few! :D  One thing that comes to mind when looking at this schedule: frequent flyer...
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    [18-Oct-2011] Coldplay @ Red Bull Sound Space, Los Angeles, USA

    Best of luck to all my West Coast friends! :laugh3: Fingers crossed for all of you! :dance:
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    [5-Oct-2011] Coldplay @ Cape Town Stadium, Cape Town, South Africa

    Seriously!!! :bomb: :dead: Slap a warning sign next time someone sends out a tweet of this magnitude! I'm operating heavy machinery (my car) at the moment & could've damn near killed myself and about ten others in a matter of seconds!:shocked2: No, in all seriousness I already pulled over to...
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    [24-Sept-2011] Coldplay @ Atlanta's Music Midtown Festival

    Hi everyone ~ late joining the game here for the Midtown Festival but I just found out today that I have tickets (regular, not VIP), so I guess I'm going! :laugh3: I JUST got back from Austin yesterday afternoon, where I saw them perform at the ACL taping and then of course, at the...
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    [16-Sept-2011] Coldplay @ Austin City Limits Festival, Zilker Park, Austin, Texas

    ***** This is my first chance to really write & even now, it won't be that much since I'm mentally & physically spent from my week in Texas. Jimmy, Jen, Lauren, Jessica, Dianne and Mitch, Dianne's incredibly genius husband/concession extraordinaire -- thank you for the amazingly fun time at ACL...
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    2011 Live Shows in Online

    Has anyone heard back re: tickets yet? :shrug: