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  • Hello !! I just saw on a post that you will be going to the concert on thursday is that right ? I'm traveling there just for the gig as well ....
    Good evening! :)
    Thanks for thinking of me!!
    But I decided that I won't go to one of the announced concerts... I'll be doing an internship for a film festival in December and January so it would be difficult to get days off.
    And to be honest I'm more looking forward to other concerts right now and I'm giving them priority (Band Of Skulls, Elbow, Archive etc).
    On top of that I didn't like the last 4 songs they released + I've just gotten back from a business trip... means I haven't been on the internet all week!

    I'm sure you'll have lots of fun there though. :nice:
    I think some of the people I know are going!
    Ok, talk later again, I've just gotten back home and I'm sooooooo tired. :escaping3:

    :kiss: Anna
    pt 1

    Good evening!
    You didn't listen to the new songs before the concert, right?
    I love them lots, especially Charlie Brown. :wacky:

    You should really be careful with your neck!
    I had dislocated vertebrae for months and didn't realise it was my back causing all the problems I had. I was feeling sick from one minute to the next, just like you did on Sat. That came again and again and there was no apparent pattern when it would occur.
    In the end I had lost 8kg of weight and I'm still having physiotherapy now, one year after it happened.
    So if you find the time you should go see an orthopaedist to make sure everything's where it belongs now.
    pt 2

    I've seen your signature, you've been to some cool concerts already! :awesome:
    Fingers crossed for next time!! We were all like "OH NOOO" when we saw you leave...

    I'm from Germany. :)
    I live on the border to France and Luxembourg.

    Yes, hope to meet you again, too! Then we could chat a bit more maybe and won't be squeezed like cattle before the concert... such a bad organsation.
    And I read that we were lucky actually, people behind us must've suffered even more!

    Talk soon, byeee xxx

    I've just seen your post in the Pinkpop thread.
    Are you feeling better? :hug:
    I was so sad seeing you getting pulled out!!
    I'm Anna, the blonde girl with the banner btw. :)

    Hope your neck's fine now. I'm having problems with my back for over a year now and I know what it's like what you went through... it happened to me in Paris, luckily a couple of hours before they opened the gates.

    Will you go to more concerts?
    Hope to meet you again some time!

    Anna x
    hello there! yeah, my photos in the live threads, but they are not perfect:( I like one final photo from 09/09/09 gig, it seems that Chris held a bottle with honey there:) he should give a rest for his voice, I think :(
    and How are you? what do you think about new Muse album? As for me - I still can't understand it fully, but I'm already select song for my funeral - Guiding Light makes creeps on my skin! :bomb:
    he Bauk. Jaaaaaaaaa, het was echt super. So leuk! Geniaal concert! Vooral Jonny was wiiiiild. (omdat zijn familie 'r was. :lol:)
    ook heel leuk om so veel mensen van coldplaying te ontmoeten, met allemaal en geel t-shirt. :dance:
    Ik kwam dat meisje van jou forum nog tegen, die in Nijmegen vooraan bij het hek sat. :D
    Hey, we gaan vanavond!
    Sorry dat ik nog niet op je 'private message' geantwoord heb, ben de laatste tijd heel erg druk met huiswerk :(.
    Bedankt :heart:.
    Oh, cool! yeah, it seems I have some good photos, but I have to find them)
    And this one song on new MUSE album is ABSOLUTELY crazy:eek:, its such completely thing, such revolutionary Matt's voice, but I don't remember the name of song)
    i see u have already posted a thing about the bakery but can u tell me the full story plz like wot happened and can u go init and the streets im soo excited it just that this week im gonna go to london coz i live near and i was hoping if u could give me tips and stuff plz would mean the wooorld to mee \???? xx
    The cake was so nice! Unfortounately I can't find out how to upload a picture on here, but I can assure you it was sweet!:wacky:

    Omg, I feel exactly the same way!
    Sometimes I just start crying, when I think about how lucky I am to have CP in my life.
    They just gives my life so much substance, and they're always there.
    I really can't understand how some people can live without something so special:heart:
    Found it in the multimedia section too - but thanks anyway!:)
    Indeed, it takes a 100 years to download it. But hopefully it's worth it:p.

    I'm baking a cake for Chris's birthday. mmmm:heart:.
    Have a great day:hug:
    never mind, I guess we all have some busy moments once in a while.

    wow, that really sounds great meeting all your coldplay-friends at festivals. So many Coldplay fans together must create a perfect atmosphere!:sneaky: When I read all this, I really feel the need to go to Roskilde festival. It just sounds so nice, and as a big CP fan I really ought to go! Have to think about it once again now:p.

    I didn't see them on mtv.:/ I was at a party. It irks me I didn't stay home to watch it, but I had promised to come to their party a long time ago, so.. Was it good?:) I wish I had seen it, especially now I'm hung over. Party both friday and yesterday, with too much beer and not enough sleep, kills me today.:inquisitive:
    Hi there,

    Another reminder that the deadline for submitting your mixtape links is tomorrow (Sunday 1st March) at 11pm (GMT)

    Hope you can still participate,

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