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  • Hi, I'm glad that everything's perfect. You're graduating this year? I keep my fingers crossed for you that everything will be good and you will get good grades! But I don't think this will be a huge problem for you. Studying in the Netherlands sounds exciting. What do you want to study?
    Yes, it's a kind of gap year. But a ad agency based in Munich wrote me a message. Probably I will have a new job quicker than I thought. But at the moment I'm working with people from Gambia & Syria who are asylum seekers. I really love all my guys there. It's always so lovely and nice to spend my time with them. I can help them e.g. to studying German and we are spending a lot of time together. It's really cool & I love my job there. Driving lessons? I needed 14 lessons. That's the minimum you have to do till you can do your driver's license exam. Hopefully you will get your driver's license very soon.
    Yes, I have FB, Twitter, etc.
    Hey Marieta,

    how are you doing? Hopefully you're great and enjoy your time in school.
    Or have you finished it yet?

    Sorry, that I haven't answered you. It was so stressful to do all those exams that I've forgotten to check my profile here.
    Spain –*Madrid and Barcelona? Well, these are gorgeous cities. I agree with you that those cities are really lovely.
    I traveled a bit. Spent some time in London, Berlin, Munich and some other cities. But I had to do my exams so I traveled not as much as I wanted to do.
    But right now I'm thinking of doing an foreign year. But I'm not sure if I want to spend my time as an Au pair or as a trainee. Probably it would be better to spent some time as trainee. But that's easier talking than doing… ;)

    So what are your plans for the upcoming time?

    Hello! I'm back home now and my brother is back in Spain. He lives on Mallorca island and I'm going to visit him twice a year.
    It's awesome that you could make a trip through Spain, Italy and the south of France. If you are planning to come to Paris one day, you are more than welcome at my home:)
    I love travelling, I'm going to Thailand next July.
    But it's time to think about working again on Monday...
    Yes, Eastern holydays! And as I an a school teacher, I have the same vacations as children. My brother came for 10 days from Spain and we are now with my mother in the East of France.
    When I was in high school I used to have a few pen friends (internet didn't exist at that moment) and I loved to receive letters from various countries.
    Have a nice week end:)

    Hello Marieta!
    I'm glad to have news from you. I'm very well at the moment thanks to a 2 weeks holyday:)
    Hope your family and you are fine.

    Heeeeyyy. Thanks a lot! I wish you a happy new year as well. I'm really sorry that I didn't write you. It was suuuch a busy and stressful time over here. How are you? Everythings fine with you? :lips:
    I'm so glad you finally got it! When I went to the post office, the woman said it would take 4 days to arrive... I didn't want to ask you if you received something because I wanted it to be a surprise:)
    That's great!!!
    You couldn't know it! Don't worry, it is always a pleasure to receive something, it's my 4th Secret Santa and I hope it's not my last!
    Hello Marieta! I love all you've sent me, the little notebook is pretty cute! I love chocolate but unfortunately I can't eat anymore due to healthy reasons:(
    Thank you again for being my amazing Secret Santa:)
    Thanks!, you're so lucky to live around such a beautiful area :D.
    Koalas are so cute they are one of my favourite animals they sleep a lot :lol:, there are many koalas on the zoo but I think you can't touch them because they get stressed or something like that :( I'm not sure though but they are really cute to watch they move really slowly :p.
    I would be more than amazing to visit Glastonbury or T in the Park! they are my favourite Festivals :D.
    Bulgaria is indeed very beautiful there's many mountains and as you say the nature is amazing, I would really like to visit the Balkan Mountains and the Rhodope Mountains they look so awe-inspiring.
    You should visit Australia! probably you already know there's many kangaroos and koalas :p and lots of nature but it's really beautiful too :D.
    I'm not going to any festivals this year either :\, though I would really like to go to Glastonbury but I don't think that will be possible and probably the tickets are already sold out :(.
    Oh I'm sorry about the festivals in your country :(, there are good festivals where I live but I can never seem to be able to go to those :\.
    How is Bulgaria like? I've seen pictures and it looks like a beautiful place :).
    I didn't really enjoy my valentine's day. But the reason is that I had a lot to work on this day. I think i worked for about 9 or 10 hours. So when I've finished my work, I was really tired. And valentine's day was nearly over.
    Hopefully you had a great weekend? Did you stayed at your aunt's house again at the weekend?
    I'm in ninth grade :D, and sorry for the late reply again:dozey:. So, are you going to any Festivals this summer :)?
    Yes, Uk residents are my passion. ;) I just love the accent <3
    You're right. I'm going to spend some time of my vacations in England.
    Yeah, let's talk about this topic when it's closer… But I'm in the UK at the end of August until September. Sure, maybe we can meet each other.
    I'm glad that this is your point of view. It's nice to talk to someone who has the same hobbies and passions! Thanks for being my pen-friend!
    It's okay. Keep calm and upload the pictures when you have more free time.
    Take care, too!
    oh what a pity! London is such a gorgeous city! I just love this city. I think I've been there for about 6-7 times…?
    So in about 2 weeks I'll be there again. And a friend of mine and I are going to do a travel around GB in summer… :)
    You're a drawer? That's funny…same here! When I went to school I was at an Art club as well :D
    I'm really noisy to see some of your drawings!
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