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  • yeah, well , I'd rather save my money for going to more gigs than framing :p
    I save it in a dry place where it doesn't catch dust , that should do it :p

    Thaha :lol:
    good-luck :p
    thanks :nice:

    wow nice frame :awesome:
    and video ! :wacky:

    I should frame my autographs too , and the setlist from the Brussel-gig :p

    by Dp , do you mean my avatar ?
    It's Andrew Vanwyngarden from Mgmt ,
    It's not a tele , but I dunno what it is exactly :p
    I meant , he's touring the 'big' cities of Europe again this spring , but not Brussels :(
    Yeah I will :nice:
    They're kinda my favourite band , of the bands that still excist :p
    cool :awesome:

    I saw him in Belgium in December , but he's not touring Belgium in his next tour :whip: :cry:
    I'm seeing Kasabian too , in 2 weeks :dance:
    Yes I did
    Genius isn't it ? :awesome:
    I did hear it before , dunno where tho

    No , before the show
    I was there at 2 pm :p
    and we say him coming in with the car (the waiting line was close to the artist door)
    but were to late then .. (around 4:20 I think)
    We heard the whole soundcheck (double gig ! :awesome: )
    And when we heard he stopped singing and the car started running , we went waiting at that door , and after long waiting he came out ! :bomb: ( around 5:30 pm )
    Security told us he might aswell go strait to the car , but he didn't :D
    We weren't allowed to take pictures with him , only off him :p

    Yeah , first/second row ! :dance:
    and yes , that message , it made it even better ! :wacky:
    wow , seeing him three times ? nice ! :awesome:

    My favorite tracks are probably Everybody's on the Run , Stranded on the Wrong Beach , Dream on as well ,
    everything really :P

    I met him , if I didn't tell you yet :nice:

    Btw , I have a pretty good vid , from the concert I went to ,
    We filmed it :smug:
    We were in first and second row , kinda before Noel , what an atmosphere ! :o
    Noel said on his blog , that our gig in London , was the best out of three :D :D

    so here's the vid , ( It gets crazy at 1:35 ;) )
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9d1bAuuQak&feature=channel_video_title"]Everybody's On The Run - Noel Gallagher - Hmv Forum London - YouTube[/ame]
    Hey ?!

    You are Seeing Noel Gallagher tonight ? Toronto right ? :awesome:

    I saw him in London , Sunday ...
    It. was. The. Best. Day. of. My. Life !!!!

    WOooooooooohoooooooooooooooooo :freak:


    MY vinyl arrived ! fuuuuuuuuu :freak: :drunk:

    So pretty !!!! :dazzled:

    Yeah , I understand , you have to wait way longer , so it's normal you already listen !

    I listened to "Soldier Boys and Jesus Freaks" and "AKA... Broken Arrow"
    but only one time , I already forgot how they went :/ :p

    one day ! :bomb:
    well , on monday , I'll listen :nice:

    I like the tensoin to be honest , that's how it should be right ?

    Leaks suck :(
    WHAT ? the vinyl only arrived 8th NOV ?
    I preordered vinyl+cd/dvd...

    I might give up , not listening to the album :confused:
    Yeah , lucky indeed ! :lol: :awesome:

    Nicce picture ! :cheesy:
    Liam with the jean jacket ,looks like the 2000' era :p
    You look happy ! :nice:

    I have facebook , what's you profile link ? :wacko:
    You're so lucky , I've not met ANY musician I love ,
    except ONE Belgian band :wacky:
    but they're not that 'high up' if you know what I mean ;)

    ALMOST met Kasabian , last summer , but the security didn't let me closer , they were around the tourbus and concert venue :/
    WHAT ? :speechless:
    I'm seriously shokked ...

    That's FUCKING awesome ! :freak: :bomb:

    You just met Liam Gallagher ! :eek: :eek: :eek:


    Good thing that you wore those badges ! :stunned: :awesome:

    I can't see the picture though , I've got no twitter :bomb:
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