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  • wow thats so awesome!! :lol: wow! She must be really tall!!
    ahah freshman year wasn't exciting for you? it was okay for me I mean it was all so new I felt like so ...out of place lol
    its going to be fun, so go!!:lol:
    :laugh3:ahh Freshman year *memories* Did you like your freshman year??:nice:
    oo by any chance are you two twins??:awesome:
    And sorry to have to ask.... :P
    but yes, I am whoring myself out for votes :lol: I got nominated for Best Guy Fan 2009 and I would LOVE to win!
    Right now we are just campaigning for votes and the actual voting starts I believe next week, I'll remind when that is.
    But if you truly think I am a good candidate then please vote :D http://www.coldplaying.com/forum/showthread.php?t=61761

    And if not, then that's OK, just wanted to get the word out there.
    It would mean a lot to me,
    Thanks a lot!

    This message is going out to everyone who is part of the Escaping Group. As you may or may not know the :escaping: smilie is currently participating in the Battle of the Smilies. Could you please vote to make sure we make it to the next round. Thankyou :escaping2:
    Hi Tara!! I tried to answer in youtube, but it said me that i cant comment on your channel!! ¬¬ So i post the comment here, ok? ^^

    Dont worry!! If u can go this year, maybe next time!
    Life is long, and Coldplay will have more tours!! :D :D
    But u know u are free and u can join coldplay with me in their tour !! Ok?? ^^ And u know, the plan we always have: start our life with Chris and Guy!! :D:D The perfect life (LL)

    haha... Chris with his dad!!?? I thnk u have to explain me bit more!! It had to be a crazy daydream ! haha :D:D Maths are the best moment for daydream about Coldplay 8) 8) Because is boring.. and very very long time!! haha

    Nothing new with me!! I just cant wait for holidays!! (LL) Only two weeks *__*
    Anthing new with u ?? :):)

    LOVE U TARA !!!! <3<3<3 :)
    Hi Tara!!! :D:D
    Yes!! I cant believe it's true, but yes, it's!! I have them, it was a surprise, i really thought i wouldn't go.... because in the web u can see the tiickets are sold out!!! And everything was against me.... and now i cant believe i have them here!! In my bedroom :heart::heart:
    First of all, talking about concerts! Have u seen the new tour dates ?? ^^

    Actually, here nothing new!! This month i have exams EVERYDAY!! It's horrible UU" So if my anwers are late (? sorry for my english xd) you know it's because of my exams !!! :\ :\

    My latest daydream was this morning.. in my french class!! I imagined i met Chris in Barcelona (where the concert is) while i was walking and visiting the city. And the i imagined that he gave to me a VIP tickets!! :wink3::wink3:

    And anything new with u? What about your letest daydream? ^^

    Love u Tara !!! :kiss::kiss: <3
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