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  • Hii Nadia,
    I´m fine thanks.:)
    And what do you do at the moment?
    Are you going to any other concerts
    this year?
    Hope you´re fine.
    Wow, Nadia!!
    Manchester, front of stage??
    I can only go to one Concert, but I´m very happy for it!;)
    I see you were at the London gig!!!
    It must have been wonderful!!
    I don´t know, how I can wait till september...:bomb:
    Hi Nadia,:)
    we had a great Christmas time, only with the family!!
    I like the MX album more than VLV!!
    And my favorite songs are:

    Don´t let it break your heard
    Major Minus

    and yours???
    Hah, are you serious? What a coincidence! And of course I'll send you pictures. :kiss: It is very, very good to hear from you again. :hug:

    That's very, very true. :hug:!!!
    I'm pretty disappointed with MX, so no, I'm not going to be seeing them this year. :shrug: I still love everything before this album, so I'm gonna wait on LP6, and hopefully I'll like that one much better.

    I just don't enjoy the new synthesized sound. :sad:. I think "UFO", "Us Against the World" and "Up In Flames" are alright, but the rest I don't enjoy at all. I think they could have done much, much better but I'm glad you enjoy it. :kiss:

    Yeah, June 30th. We'll be back from our honeymoon on July 11th. :D

    Ohh, that sounds like a lot of fun! :D I'm gonna be in London in February, but for work reasons. :shrug::D

    Ooh, I'm very sorry to hear that. :hug: It's always hard to lose a family member.
    Ahhh, I see. I haven't been on much either. I really just come on to talk to people. Do you like MX? :blank:

    Things are almost finished! On Friday, Brian and I are going to a cake tasting, and after we pick out a cake and all, we'll be done with everything. I cannot believe it's in five months already, feels like just yesterday we had our first date. :wacky::p

    How've you been? Excited for the holidays? :kiss:
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