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  • Hi :) Have you got Coldplay's butterflies? Can you send me some? Well, even one butterfly! I was at Coldplay's show, but too far from the stage to get some of them :c I live in Poland and I would be grateful for the rest of my life :) Thank you in advance! :3
    Merry Christmas, Jasmyne!! :hug:

    I'm so sorry that I haven't written lately, I'm barely on Facebook and am like the worst person when it comes to keeping in touch... :embarrassed:
    Hope you're having a great festive season!
    Hey, sounds like a nice trip!
    Fingers crossed you'll get those tickets!
    I bought mine the minute they went on sale. :lol:
    I'll be going with Perrine (here on the forum) and we'll meet up with some other people from the forum.
    I'll arrive in the morning on the 11th, will leave on Sunday again (2pm) because I'll spend a longer time in Paris on the weekend before already (Jay Z concert).
    Do you want to meet up? I'd be happy to!

    Have you been to Paris before?
    We could switch over to PMs if you want and exchange details!
    I've just seen your post that you're going to the Muse gig in Paris! :dance:
    What day will you be going?
    11th or 12th?

    I'm going on the 12th but arriving on the 11th in the morning!
    I might be going to volunteer at the Saratoga Springs concert in July.

    After Coldplay finished on the C stage, I talked with one of the roadies. While he was disassembling Chris' microphone stand, he handed me one of the two picks he had just removed. Also, both him and the one female security guard kept handing me butterflies to hand to everyone during Lovers...

    Take care!
    Hey, Jazz...I'm trying to figure out how to put my photo album on here. I intend on sharing and haven't forgotten.
    yea i got it on facebook, can you try to add the pictures i took to the coldplaying forum, It would be cool for all the fans to see how awesome they came out!
    I'll be sure to give you an update on the Buffalo concert, as well as post a few pictures on the forum. I'm hoping to arrive early at the concert venue to possibly see the boys enter the arena or even catch a bit of the sound check before I need to meet up with Oxfam. Have you heard anything about volunteering with Oxfam from others on the forum? How was their experience?
    Hey Jasmyne! Haven't talked with you in awhile! How have you been? Excellent pictures from the concert last night!

    I'm going to be volunteering with Oxfam on Monday up in Buffalo, so hopefully I'll be able to snag some excellent shots of the boys as well. Well anyway, I'll see you around the forum!
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