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  • Hey Jason! What's up?

    I'm the one who posted on your YouTube channel the other day. I was trying to reply, but forgot to. The LiJ video looked familiar. Great footage!
    Hi Jason,
    May I ask for the presale password for Club Nokia as well?
    Thank you so much in advance!
    Hi Jason, My name is Daniel and i'm a new member to these threads. I'm a huge coldplay fan and just found out about this show at the nokia. If i could get that password for the presale it would mean the world to me. Thanks for your help mate.


    Hey Jason - If you're still awake, would you be willing to send me the password for the Club Nokia presale please???? I can buy it for $5 on eBay, but that just seems way too cheesy! I don't necessarily agree with some of the advice about the venue, by the way. The regular GA tickets usually mean that you will be stuck under a low ceiling as the balcony extends WAY further than normal venues. And the sound is typically much better on the balcony (though not all the way in the back of course).



    [email protected]

    THANK YOU!!!
    Hi Jason, I'm Jen. :)
    I just wanted to say that I read your posts about the Crisis gigs on your blog and was so impressed by your experience and the way you conveyed it. Thanks for sharing it! I actually met and got to hang out with Amanda and Dianne at Austin City Limits Fest last month, and they both mentioned you and your experience. :) Anyway, just wanted to say, "Well done!"
    Hello Jason, my name is Tatiana, nice to meet you. I read your blog about Crisis and it is really amazing your adventure to see them and especially realize yourself.
    Thanks for the Glastonbury video. Ironically, I had the Palladia channel on in the background (as I often do), heard the title sequence & decided to turn it up a little louder to see which year they were showing. Of all years... it was 2005, so naturally I DVR'd it and I'm having a great time time traveling at the moment. The Coldplay bits are not only great, but I'm having fun watching The Killers & Keane in the infancy of their fame.

    Bummed I missed seeing Coldplay at Glastonbury but I was extremely lucky to catch them (and pretty much anyone else "cool" who played at Glasto) at ACL Music Festival that same year. I was born & raised in that heat...and I was dying; so the fact that guys from Coldplay managed to survive the record heat, sing and not choke through the clouds of dust, all the while wearing their signature black pants & long sleeve shirts, I will forever give them serious props.

    I loved "Til Kingdom Come" before that night, but it was at ACL that I became pretty much obsessed with the absolutely stunning Gibson guitar used to play one of the most endearing and beautifully written love songs written. The band's tribute to Johnny Cash, another musician who's creative genius I greatly admire, just added to the luster of that song and the sentimental value of that guitar to me. So what I'm saying is...your friend would never, ever, have won that guitar over me! ! :devilish:

    I would have enjoyed the competition though! Sadly, people stopped bidding against me a few days before. I even thought I had enough "spare change" left to maybe go for one of Chris's painted Viva beauties since they were so inexpensive for the longest time; but I'm actually happier these lots finally took off & sold for decent amounts. Any less would have been just criminal!

    Sounds like both you and Lo&Loud have amazing collections of memorabilia thus far -- can't wait to see pictures of all of your loot one day.

    Congrats, Jason on such a great score! Funny how this "little" auction encouraged so many lurkers like both you & I to finally say hello to people. I'm thrilled to read that someone equally as passionate to the band first and foremost saw the potential "way back when" afterthat 60 minutes interview aired and then was successful to get an item that meant something of great significance to them. Yes, when I read that Jonny truly didn't want to part with this (and you knew it was legit), it forever sealed that these 4 guys are the most philanthropic, generous and talentedstars of our generation. (Like I needed little convincing but you must understand, I fell in love with Bono as a little girl when the With or Without video came out and he's been king all of all things great and charitable for some time now!).

    I saw that you might try to hop on the Latin American tour to see your guitar in action and I think I may just have to do the same; especially if I do have to take possession of the Gibson I won because then that's the last time I'll hear "Til Kingdom Comes" live. I just don't feel quite worthy enough to own this stuff, you know?

    Well, congrats Jason! What a way to start the New Year and decade!

    Amanda, aka afeather
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